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  1. Nice pics.... Got On board video on the track or not...heehee...
  2. wait 1 bad egg wearing the polo do some nasty thing and u wear the polo out for riding, tio aim and bike kanna burn hahaha not worth it lei 2 cents worth of rubbish tods
  3. How to unite? , last fri, 1st time r6 jio r1 out already "sabo" the r1 riders here liao, how to trust? most of the time, 1st impression tells all ...
  4. hmmmm i sense a time attack... ask the shop u buy from and ask them to install for u free, in any best situation, u can probably "persuade" them to give u at discounted price sigh difference in CC la ... so obvious Zzzz if u r rich, get an ohlins superbike gas pressured front fork retail $16k, superbike replica carbonfibre fairings $3500, bst wheels $4800, fully system akra + full yec kit ...etc etc r1 is normal, u shd have gotten urself a ducati 1098s, thats more expensive
  5. yup mid pipe .. tod it will reduce the heat, but it isnt that effective U got PM .... haha
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