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  1. SELLING TA200 Picture of bikes: (For picture of my bike, pls refer to the link below) Mileage: 38,000km (Have not gone through one round in speedo yet) Plate No: FBA 11*** Price: $2,200 Payment (Cash/COI): Cash / Account Transfer Road Tax expiry date: Feb 2010 COE expiry date: 2016 No. of owner: 1 (I'm the first owner) Name of seller: Yeo Contact: 81392180 (Pls call during office hours) Remark: Pls refer to this link for more information: http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=255092 Some useful info: Low mileage: The bike's current mileage is 38000km. It has not gone one round beyond the speedo.. Engine condition: Because of the low mileage, the engine's condition is still good.. The engine has not undergone any major form of servicing.. Only general servicing has been done.. These includes regular interval oil changes at 2000km, and spark plug changes at 4000km. Air filter is changed at every 10,000km.. Defects: Left phantom logo is scratched. And a small scratch above the logo. Dear moderators, I'm not trying to duplicate a thread, but I feel that I may get more target audience at this section as it is more focused on phantoms. Thanks. Reason for Selling: Upgraded. Pls call me to arrange for viewing. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I like to check out something.. I have a car whose battery is 12V. Can it be used to start a TA200 using the crocodile wires? (I dunno what the wires are called, those black and red wires with a crocodile clip). Thanks and have a good day.
  3. Hmm.. I think I need to change my front tyre.. Any brands and models to recommend?
  4. Hi guys, I think my throttle grip is loosen, i can turn the throttle grip in a clockwise direction, instead of the usual anti-clockwise direction when increasing acceleration. Mine currently is using the original handgrip that comes with the bike.. May I know how much does an original pair of handgrips cost? Or do you have any recommended handgrips that are good? Thanks and have a good day..
  5. Yup.. me too.. I won't try it coz I dunno whether my engine can take it or not.. Play safe better.. I think my bike at 110km/hr already shows signs of unstability.. Another enquiry I would like to ask is do we need to change the fork oil at regular intervals? The reason why I'm asking is becoz I have clocked about 30,000km on my TA200 (new) which I bought it in 2006.. I do not know whether it's a psychological feeling, I feel my forks are getting "softer".. Meaning the fork tends to "dive" alot when stopping.. Does that mean we need a fork oil change?
  6. Hmm.. Another enquiry is that will increasing my idling speed indirectly increases my rate of acceleration? Coz after I have adjusted my idling speed, I feel that my acceleration actually increases. Hence, is higher idling = higher acceleration? Currently, my top speed is about 110km/hr on the bike meter.. Actual speed is about 100km/hr I think.. Y izzit that other bikers can get spped up to 130km/hr on a TA200?
  7. Hmm.. Just an enquiry, how do you know your idling is enough? I have adjusted my idling but I do not know whether it is over-adjusted.. Previously, I have difficulty starting my bike due to idling is too low..
  8. Hi, got some questions need ur help.. Recently, I realised that my horn is getting softer.. Today I pressed my horn while my engine is idling. The horn was softer than before.. However, when I accelerate abit and pressed the horn again, this time round, the horn sound louder.. My friend told me that either my battery is weak or rectifier got problem.. How to tell whether izzit the battery or rectifier that got problem.. I juz changed a new battery in feb this yr.. And one more thing.. What is the market price for 1) battery and 2) rectifier? Thanks for ur advice and hav a gd day..
  9. Hello, can I know how do I check the version of my psp? Mine is the normal size (not the slimmer version).. I check here check there but can't seem to find the version.. pls advice.. Thanks very much..
  10. Does anyone knows which shop has a large selection of psp games?
  11. Hmm.. so the fazer 6 is actually a "power when u need it" kind of bike?
  12. Hi guys.. The blue GSR600 which EJ saw does not belong to me .. How I wish I own a GSR600.. But becoz of financial commitments, can't afford to own one.. Maybe in the future when I'm not so cash-tight.. Actually, I've been following this thread for quite some time.. I dun own a GSR but I'm glad to say that I enjoy reading this thread.. It's realli nice to see so many delicated bikers come together and form a group.. u guys r appearing in a magazine rite? I look forward to reading the magazine soon.. I think i'll acquire some knowledge of GSR from this thread.. If i got the chance to ride a GSR in the future, guess I won't be a stranger to the bike.. Have a good day.. Ride safe everyone..
  13. Hmm.. do u guys notice steam coming out from ur engine when it's raining.. I juz noticed some steam appearing from my engine.. But theortically, it's normal coz water will vaporise into steam when it boils.. But does tat mean my engine is too hot?
  14. Hmm.. does anyone here happens to find the bolt connected to your seat missing? I'm refering to the bolt which connects the seat to the frame.. I juz found mine missing.. Does it mean tat someone is attempting to steal my seat or maybe it juz broke off? Anyone encounter this situation b4? Thanks..
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