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  1. Hi , Are there dealers who pay for taking parts before scrapping a scooter? My Piaggio X8 has heating problems still few more years COE left. Don't want to overhaul engine, rather scrap and take back COE. The scooter is otherwise in very good condition. Wanted to check if we know any motor shops which salvage the parts. It has a nice original box and most of the exterior and other parts can be reused.
  2. Pigagio x8 Scooter wont Start. This was after left idle for 2 weeks, Battery (have checked it is charging/can start another scooter) and Spark Plug working fine.

    When I press the Start button, There is no cranking sound in the engine literaly as good as no sound.

    When I first put the key in and turn on (with out starting). There is a crackling sound.

    - Engine red switch is on. Have tried off position as well and back to on position.

    - Took the battery to a mechanic and can charge.


    Does anyone have any thoughts what could be the problem

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