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  1. better to start road trips in d mornings. at night hard to see.
  2. Today while driving(dad drive), on the way back frm clinic wen dad sending me home.. saw this fazer FBC plate on one of d traffic junction... the bike aredi so hot.. wats more hot is the 2 cd guys in uniform on d bike.......wahhhhhhhhhh... *drools** men in blue are jus so hot!!! esp wen on bike
  3. Ok then. Let all the cubs unite and go take 2a together.. weeeeeeeeeee
  4. Since its riders, hw abt petrol bombs? ahakz. joking
  5. erm.. hw cum i nv see dem before? hehe.. ala.. these kinda ppl only function wen in grps.. anyway, maybe they mean no harm.. jus wan play2.. erm... Love all, hate none.. life is too short to hold grudges.. esp we are all riders, lets all make d road a safe place to ride on.. peace. cheers.
  6. tODAy while ridin to sch.. On cte.. 3 incidents happened, whereby one van, a car and taxi.. all 3 cut into middle lane without signalling.. and three times i got panicky and traumatised.. scary.
  7. Then wat abt those with no 2a/class 2 bikes.. got any tips for us? Haha. We go carpark aso nothing ther for us to hop on
  8. Yeah i wan. But after my exams in MAY. U can wait till then?
  9. wow so many harley davidson.. so cute la... =) 3 cheers to HD riders =)
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