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  1. just personal preference. but it gives more acceleration than 400x
  2. not to worry. just minor replacement.
  3. bro... choose it bike on wat u want and not recommendation. go for it dream 2A bike.
  4. ktm, cb400x
  5. 190r is one of the bike to consider. insurance, comprehensive can gauge at 9++, esp to those just passed 2B. unless u plan to take only TPFT... if plan to ride short term, I suggest to get comprehensive if possible.
  6. if u plan on having comfortable pillion, u should go tourers or cruisers
  7. I think it's best to be honest with the agent that is buying mainly for bike accident protection, then they can advise better. used to be I with AIA with my agent. she can advise better if any of their product is suitable for u. I understand some products have excludes, usually when we too busy to read or understand, still better to be honest upfront. hospital bills is no joke if insurer going to use excludes to escape responsibility.
  8. just my 2cents worth: 1) lemon law largely covers new equipment. 2nd hand will sold as it is, but still cover some warranty. in this case, buyer "accepts" as it is when signed. (should have fine print somewhere) 2) legal action will take some time. but before any court action, usually both parties lawyer will propose an agreement. 3) totalled for insurer case, as said, is based in the repair cost. if repair cost is high, they can totalled the vehicle and compensate market value. in this case, nothing wrong with insurance side. bike sold to their workshop as workshop willing to buy over is also nothing wrong. same as re-condition the bike and sell off as 2nd hand bike. but if sell as 1st hand bike will be different case. that's y the shop so yaya and dare u to sue them. it's the same when someone buang badly, repair and sell off, and new buyer happily buy. so lemon law, in some extend, not really cover 2nd hand vehicles. notice they use "totalled" and not "scrap"
  9. juz checked. speedzone have ready stock.
  10. at least no need wear thick pants n jeans
  11. street riding will get hot or not. I dun wan wear thick pants anymore...
  12. yup. this is common sales tactics to let u misunderstand. u have to pay for whatever u changed. only the labour charge is free. dunno if hlc have this Claus, if u din go back to them or their authorized workshop for the maintenance during warranty period, warranty will be void.
  13. juz a matter of getting used to it
  14. only labour is free...
  15. I think promo over for hlc rite?
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