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  1. Any nice place to get bikes? No early settlement fee, hidden charges etc
  2. I don't think jay and I are pretty tall people í ½í¸‚
  3. So what bike u get in the end?
  4. So to continue my last chapter of class 2b at cdc, if it's helpful for anybody out there.. Having failed my previous traffic police test , I had to book and attend a "re-training", which is surprisingly similar to a road revision practice; except that it's completely compulsory to attend. Book it, then u may be able to book for your next TP. So I'm there for my tp again. Gotta be there by 715am . I think the main thing hindering test-takers from performing is the nerves and the long wait. You arrive at 715 but the test doesn't start till about 9++. You have 2 hours to build up yo
  5. i think I'm gonna go with a street bike anyways. Since I'm not familiar with the roads, I don't wanna stress on a different handling just yet. I've also heard sports bikes are not a "safer" option. But I do think A great part plays on the rider and not the bike. No matter, a suitable height for me would be good.
  6. Am not sure. Maybe a sports bike. Or not. Don't really know yet. Wait till I have the resource to fund a bike first.
  7. ☹️ I kissed a cone. And it wasn't even violent.
  8. Funny how I happen to check back today and see a response posted recently. Hate to break it to ya guys, but I have passed NOT. Story goes, colbebe has passed a couple more pracs after her last post, but stopped for the loooongest time due to other commitments. I renewed EVERYTHING just recently, AND I took my practical test today! Well, sadly, I failed. Just not my day. Well , just to encourage other riders. Share with me your story! Especially if you're a lady! í ½í¸‰
  9. Currently with cdc at prac 8. Jiayou everyone !! Btw anyone interested to create grp chat for 2b learners or new 2b riders? We can discuss more about biking stuff
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