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  1. Refer to the BikeMart URL below. Thx! https://www.singaporebikes.com/bikemart/sg/usedbikes/vespa_px_150-47725.html Price does not include top box.
  2. hi bro,


    my side have 3 shadow available for sale and view at one location (woodland area .

    all will be available around early May.

    Colour : diamond white, black and the one you saw on my shadow chief.

    COE: 3 year++(all)

    lots of accessories to throw in.




  3. Thanks for the tip off, xishuo.


    i had recently visited A S Phoon - they did not have any Shadow


    Johnson Ong

  4. seriously, i've no idea about excel. i wish to know too and of course, not because my bike needs their attention.
  5. i usually send mine to raymond at eunos. But your's a streetfighter rite? not sure if he knows what to do with it. you can drop him a sms though.
  6. you can refer to the below link. =) http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=272567
  7. Zievanx is selling his non-renewable(coe) m400. You may wanna consider?
  8. happy advance chinese new year to all you guys. =)
  9. grrr... so pissed off... some farker tampered with some hoses off my carburater... made me late + i have to drive to work today... Anyone knows any links to how hoses are linked from the carburator? Need to fix it up myself before i go work tomorrow. -_-"
  10. jeezz... i hate the new project i'm on... don't even have time to surf the net properly...
  11. haha... seen him on SLE before too. very scary guy. at least 140+++ when he squeezed through 2 cars ahead of me.
  12. Anyone for dinner? Date : Tuesday, Dec 1, 2009 Time : from 7:00pm Where Bagus Yong Tau Foo at 276 Changi Road, just before the junction of Still Road. 01. singhla 02. ziheng 03. ivan 04. alfred 05. 06.
  13. yoz lenny... what's the venue for tuesday outing?
  14. lol... nice one... i only got 1 pic from the rear. there are alot of pretty monster out there. maybe can join the monster outing? you'll surely see alot of them. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v240/Xishuo/duc.jpg
  15. last week my home finance mistress wants to eat dim sum, drove her to Jalan besar. this week got special permission to ride down... HOO YEAH!!!
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