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  1. Selling various motorcycle items. All are used items. Details at carousell. 1. TCX 7110G X-Five Evo GTX Touring Boots Size 11 2. Dainese Travelguard Gore-Tex pants Size 50 3. Dowco 50004-02 Guardian WeatherAll Plus Black X-Large Motorcycle Cover - Sold 4. Hardline Products RS-00001 Red Rollastand for Sport Bike 5. Kappa box rack for CB400 Super 4 Spec 1/2 https://sg.carousell.com/p/tcx-boots-dainese-pants-145545144 No longer riding, thus selling.
  2. 2B is the hardest to pass among the three bike classes, so, always go for circuit and road revision to practice, i learned it the hard way, had to take twice because i failed on the first attempt, mostly on the road. only went for one road revision before the test, felt pretty confident that i could do it, but was wrong and paid the ultimate price of failure. my circuit was perfect, but the road alone costs me lots of demerit points. i focused too much on circuit and was complacent with the road part of the test.
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