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  1. Selling various motorcycle items. All are used items. Details at carousell.


    1. TCX 7110G X-Five Evo GTX Touring Boots Size 11

    2. Dainese Travelguard Gore-Tex pants Size 50

    3. Dowco 50004-02 Guardian WeatherAll Plus Black X-Large Motorcycle Cover - Sold

    4. Hardline Products RS-00001 Red Rollastand for Sport Bike

    5. Kappa box rack for CB400 Super 4 Spec 1/2



    No longer riding, thus selling.

  2. You are right! The first 4 times I do the plank I dropped as soon as I mounted the plank. Then I remember to look far. I looked at the end of the plank and then the next 4 times I finished all the way.


    I got problem with the slalom though. I find that I can't change to gear 2 fast enough. Once I changed to gear 2 I'm already at the first cone, but scared to accelerate, and automatically press rear brake. That makes the engine vibrate and want to stall.


    Yea, slalom was also a problem for me. But after asking the instructors for tips, I instantly improved. Don't be shy to ask instructors, they know what's wrong with your riding and can really help you out.

  3. Just completed first lesson. Failed. But barely. Instructor saw me riding like **** and ask me "you repeat"? Then I say "no first time, havent ride in 6 years", and his tone change from annoyed to more lenient.


    Plank was good, bumpy coursw was my best course, slalom sometime can sometime cannot.


    For SSDC ard a week, but I managed to cancel mine and found 3 day earlier slot that someone cancelled. So maybe you can try after booking everyday cancel and check in case got earlier slot others cancelled.


    don't worry, you will get used to the bike. The most important thing for me is, where you look while riding, it really helps to stabilise yourself and, what instructors always say to me, relax!

  4. Best to slot in a few more crs. In fact better to have more cr then rr. so eg like 1 rr for every 4-5 cr. If there is a possibility of getting IFs & dropping pts, it wld be in the circuit rather then out on the road. So pls know your circuit like the back of your hand -skills, procedures & checks.


    agree, do more circuit than road revision. Both are important, but from my experience, the road is easier to get used to compared to the circuit. I made a lot of mistakes in the circuit even after attending many circuit revisions, but only needed a few road revisions to be really confident on the road.

  5. Hey guys I'm new as you can see so I apologise if this is in the wrong thread. I was wondering if an AGV blade with a PSB sticker is allowed to be used for my 2B practical at cdc? From what I heard, non psb and full face are definitely not allowed so what about the blade since its an open face with a flip up visor?


    I think you can wear full face helmet for lesson, just that it's a bit troublesome, because you cannot really communicate with the instructors that way. The AGV blade seems ok to me. More important thing is the PSB sticker.

  6. Hi everyone,

    Hope this is not off topic. I'm considering getting a second hand TA200 after clearing my 2B. I've been reading the forum section " [Technical] Possible Solutions to your Phantom's Problem" and I seem to get the impression that TA200 may not be that reliable after all? I hope I'm wrong though, hopefully seniors here can provide some feedback on TA200's reliability compared to other popular 2B bikes like FZ16, YZF-R15 etc


    Secondly, I'm also considering going for 2A one year after passing 2B. All 2A bikes at the driving centers are all street bikes - eg super4 at SSDC. Will riding a cruiser like TA200 after clearing 2B put me in a more awkward position to handle a bigger street bike like super4? I mean, I might be too used to a cruiser and may find it hard to adapt back to a street bike like super4. Is it better to ride a street bike to gain experience after 2B so that going to 2A on a S4 is easier?


    Hi bingoboey, what you described in your post sounds very familiar, in fact it is what I have gone through. From my experience riding a phantom, it is very reliable, except that one time where it stopped in the middle of the expressway! That was a few months after I bought it from a shop. Did a top overhaul, and since then, it has been really great, really reliable, and I achieved average fuel consumption of about 40km/l, which is really good. And take into account that the bike that I rode is already more than 10 years old. Of course, you would have to maintain it properly, but maintenance is quite simple generally.


    Over to your second concern, yes, it would feel awkward at first riding S4, but after a while it goes away. The more problematic part is getting used to the power of the S4, clutch control etc. Then after the lesson ended, and you go back to riding phantom, then it feels awkward too, but it goes away after a while. But, it is not really a big issue to me. The adaptation is pretty quick. That is how amazing our bodies are!


    The more important thing now is to focus on getting that license, instead of looking around for bikes! You still taking lessons or waiting for TP practical test?

  7. I am not sure if I am in a position to contribute, since I openly told my parents on my intention of getting bike license, and they reluctantly let me learn. But I assure them that I would be a safe rider once I got a bike. And I bought a race-quality helmet, with protection gloves, armoured jacket and wore them when riding on the road. This probably convinced them even more that I am a responsible and safe rider. My license, bike and all those gears are bought with my hard earned savings.


    What is the worst thing that can happen if you do indeed learn riding secretly and your parents found out? Would the relationship be strained? Would your parents disown you, throw you out of the house? I find it really ridiculous if those things were to happen.


    I apologise if my contribution here offends some of you.

  8. i'm going to try to explain how insurance works.


    when you are in an accident, even if you wear psb helmet, even if you were in the right, the relevant insurance company can give any bullcrap reason not to pay you compensation. it can be as stupid as the other guilty party refusing to bring his car in for assessment. thats because it is not a 'crime' for an insurance company to play you out in any way they can.


    and so, if they can use non-psb helmet as an excuse, they will tell you fly kite. but its not just non-psb helmet, they can give any stupid reason.


    your only recourse is to engage your own private lawyer to sue and claim the insurance company. this is then taken to court. when (or if) a court has decided how much compensation you deserve, thats when the insurance company suck thumb must comply, because it is now a court order.


    if the helmet issue is brought to court, technically speaking a non-psb helmet will not automatically deny you of compensation; in fact the insurer must prove to the court that your non-psb helmet was unsafe and contributed to your damages/injury. if the insurer bring the helmet sample, drop it in front of judge and it breaks into pieces, suck thumb your insurer win, they dun need give you full compensation. on the other hand, if the helmet passes all psb tests even though your retailer didn send it for testing, you win, the judge will order full compensation. including your lawyer fee (i think).


    of coz, if your insurer in the first place dun play you out, then all this is avoided. most times though, the insurers are fully aware how the court will decide and whether they are playing you out. which is why most times, a lawyer's letter to your insurer is all it takes to get things going. only if they know they are in the right will they bother calling your bluff and challenging your lawyer in court.


    know your rights. in the past few years i realize there are less knowledgeable ppl out there who have been denied full compensation because the insurer give nonsense reasons and the victim mistakenly thinks its the end of it coz insurer say dowan to pay, nothing more to say.


    that was long, but thank you, at least I am more knowledgeable now! So I guess, just buy a PSB approved helmet to be safe, in terms of both rider protection and insurance claim. Of course, choose the helmet that is also tested with other testing organisations.

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