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  1. Hi okayama, My is the 200I so far the FC is about 30km/L (cruise ato around 80 to 90km/h). Just did my 3rd servicing. Max speed I got is 125km/h. It seem to creep up slowly after 125km/h. But I didn't try. Cause scare TP...haha Hope this can help a bit.
  2. Thanks skuzz. Really nice bike. Just that the engine is a bit hot. Still try to get use to it.
  3. Dear all. I just got a 2nd hand revo. I never ride a vtec bike before. I got a question. How do I know my vtec is open up? Cause I know revo is a bit different from spec1 to 3. Revo is partially open from 1st to 5th gear and wide open at 6th gear. All my friend that own SF4 told me that there is sound change when vtec is open. But I seriously don't hear a sudden change in sound. I only notice that the bike is keep pulling away fast when RPM is 7000-8000 RPM. BTW, my is stock pipe. Speed is going fast so does the RPM. Can any one advise is my vtec gone or the revo is like that? Thank you.:
  4. Just got the DT 200i today. Ride it and feel good. Stable bike.
  5. :)Friday went to repair my Honda bike at sin boon......end up saw this DT200I and the KXCT 200i. ......don't know what's wrong with me.....end up brought the DT200I. .....hahaha. I guess too many repair job done on my Honda till I piss off liao. May need all the old bird advise on this scooter. Many thanks in advice....:-) í ½í¸Ší ½í¸Ší ½í¸Š
  6. Hi all. I'm sell off my Honda Tiger GL200R for $3800. $3500 for quick deal. Outlook 6/10 ( Not for fussy buyer as I don't really wash the bike) Engine 9/10 ( just did a top overhaul in Dec 16) Most of the ware and tear had been replaced. Previous owner had a minor accident. Some scratch on the right side. New battery also. Change in Jan 17 New handle bar. Nov 16 New exhaust pipe Nov 16 New ignition coil Jan 17 COE end Jan 2020. Still got 2 years and 9 over months to go. Good for new 2b riders. Looking for $3800 cash. Text me on 98414080 for viewing. (Woodlands )
  7. Hi alvin not sure you still do bring in tiger ignition coil and air filter. If you stilldo please kindly ccontact my at 98414080 via whatsapp if possible. Thank you


  8. From another message on my sym gts 200, If you decide to buy my bike, I'll also give you Free of Charge the following things:

    (1) a brand new helmet and brand raincoat (never used before) that I got it from the dealer when I bought the bike

    (2) washing hose with high pressure pump that I used it to wash my bike.

    (3) Oxford Bike Cover.

    (4) I also have a brand new Caberg duke flip up helmet (never used before also, bought it as a standby helmet), I can sell it to you at a very very low price of $100, I bought it at $250.


    Do let me know asap if you want to get my bike. If not around end of the month when I'm more free, I will be taking the bike to the bike shops to sell.

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