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  1. Hi for Bridgestone bt39 90/80 and 110/80, change wheel bearings and rim valve how much will it be? And can I bring my own bearings and wheel valves?
  2. when you kick is there a cranking sound like going to start? check your plug and plug coil
  3. hey crazybiker, 4 months old SP rider here, can add me to the group? 92786617

  4. new incentive by NEA, give you 3.5k if you scrap a bike that was registered before 2003. now resale prices all shootup
  5. Do you bring in Bridgestone bt39ss? Only saw bt39 listed. And price for bt39ss and Dunlop tt900gp front 100/80, rear 120/80
  6. NSR ride out on 24th feb 2018 about 20 ridershttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjWFNO94GTk
  7. Hi able to order in pirelli diablo rosso 3 front 100/80 rear 130/70? What will be the price including installation? Saw the size on pirelli website https://www.pirelli.com/tyres/en-sg/motorcycle/tyres/sheet/diablo-rosso-III#/size-range And will you bring in pirelli diablo rosso corsa 2 90/80? Thanks
  8. lowsided when cornering too fast in jb yesterday. left fairings got damage and gear shift rod bent. anyone know any scrapyards?
  9. garfield is the one who did angel eyes long time ago right?
  10. Yo bro, New sp rider here. Can add me in to the group? 8448 7673

  11. throw in dustbin or see if fire staion will take them in, use for RTA training. dont leave it out for people to take or sell
  12. anyone take out their meter to change the bulb inside the meter before? some are t10 size, others are smaller, i think t5. im gonna change to led for brighter light. some people add in LED strips under the gauge face, but that one expensive
  13. anyone use or know people on metzeler sportec street? its a new tyre meant for small bikes, similar to pirelli angel city concept. they said good dry and wet, but the center of the tyre has no thread, so i wonder how good in wet it is. also wondering about the corner and grips
  14. yeah there's a whatapp group now. easier to communicate. because the facebook group most people aren't active, only the sellers and advertisers still there. there's a lot of SP still on the road, the whatsapp group has about 100 people, but most arent active. and only a few turn up for meetings, that's why i wish we can gather in numbers like the video. you wanna join the grp?
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