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  1. hi bro, u interested in my ktm? if u interested. we can discuss about the price..

  2. Happy Birthday!! :cheer:

  3. Hi, do u know Melissa & Eric?

  4. I am very interested in your ET8. GENUINE buyer here. I understand that you are currently overseas. Do get in touch with me at my hp: 96391696 immediately, once you are back. Thank you very much and a Happy Chinese New Year!

  6. if you this Local Uncle can play, why can't an Angmo Uncle play? :D
  7. dude, definitely its cheaper to import the end cans or full system yourself. i'm speaking from my own experience. i imported my RS3 from the States for just SGD$1280. installation only cost me $70. you do the maths. while Motoworld quote me a price of SGD$1500 for the same system with installation. Motoworld claimed that the RS3 they import is from Japan but the weird thing is that i got confirmation from Yoshimura that Japan do not produce RS3. you may just wish for the looks so end cans will be enough. and in that sense, get from Motoworld as theirs are street legal. it'll be a headache
  8. wa lao machiam open press conference for superstar like that. good good. i shall set up a ticketing booth to charge per question asked.
  9. WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! why must it always fall on my night shift? i strongly suspect that this has something got to do with the organiser. maybe the ORGANISER is trying to prevent me from joining the trip that's why always fall on my night shift. i never mention name hor! so can't sue me for defamation. :D
  10. WA SEH!! very fast learner hor? good gal good gal! :cheeky:
  11. whether i'm the head or not, people will know. cos i ain't the one showing others my butt butt you know?
  12. i think i know why my bike is cooler than yours. i think its due to the rider la.
  13. if i cant disturb you then who else can leh? even your avatar is an invitation for disturbance to be bestowed onto you, Falcon Knight! showing your ass to everyone here, asking us to poke poke from behind!
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