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  1. Hi there,

    where can i get more information on Rev Club? Might want to join one of their track days in the future. Thanks

  2. Yo bro, long time no see. Just got a quick question to ask u. I rode my friend's RC8 and realise there was a very strong vibrations on the handle bars. It gets worst over 5000rpm. And i mean it's really bad. Do u experience the same thing in urs last time?

  3. One and the same, Sherlock.


    Drop by minerva on Saturday mornings and we can chat more there.

  4. hi Hart,


    are u the same Hart from ducatispot.com ?


    if u are, i would like to ask u more bout how to downshift w/o clutching in...


    thanks !

  5. I don see as to why u are even bothering to argue with the idiot..

  6. Hey dude!


    Sorry, rarely check in here but it's good to know a buddy like you still remembers!!!!

    Rubber side down bro!

  7. Once in a while when the moon turns blue, I message ya. Well, the moon has turned to blue cheese, and here's my message. Behind the com is a big fuzzy wuzzy character whose name has stayed in my brain for these many years even though we seldom meet or chat. I agree with your posts as them make hell lots of sense. I'll take up ya advice of tracking for the love of itwhen I do have the $. Have a good weekend

  8. Bro...how can squeeze me and a fren in for ur NOV Sepang Track day. Msg ur fren Scobby but no reply ler....


    Nway, its me Syed from TP lah

  9. Orite bro..

    Juz update me on this club thingy..


    Have fun on the Coming organised trackday..

    maybe i can join u guys on the next planned one..


    Oh ya..

    so i see u On UMA pit next season for MSS 2010 with ur RC8???hehehehe:p

  10. Tks for the reply!

  11. Hart , Azri here.. The guy who bought your 636.. Can PM me ur mobile? Lost all contacts when some bugger took off my hp.. Need to ask reagrding the Trackday @ Sepang in Aug.

  12. Dude,


    Points well taken and true.


    But SMSA is a disease and we have decided that there is not use trying to change them.


    We are starting up with the private non profit trackdays to show what a few friends can do compared to SMSA, then we will slowly grow it into a club, then to the things that you mentioned.


    We will have nothing to do with SMSA


    It will take a year or two, but it will happen.


    We do not want to go out and set up big unions and stuff immediately... with support these things will come naturally.


    Once that happens, we will go in the direction you stated.


    Catch you around.



  13. When you look at belting alone, yes you can.


    BUT, the rubber is layed on the tyre during manufacturing in one direction, meaning that the end of the strip is overlapping another, so when you flip the tyre, there is a 1% chance that the reversed friction might rip it off.


    I have flipped tyres many times in the past, but have stopped after a Metzeler guy told me not to do it. The tyres are made to withstand much more abuse than what we put them through, but if that 1% does happen, it can be disastrous.


    Even worse if the insurance people find out and void your insurance claim.


    Dont do it mate.

  14. I got it done at some leather shop doing alot of harley vests, jackets and seats.


    PM Scobby51, he showed the place to me.

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