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  1. Hi Silvermoon1407,


    i came across your post few years back in 2016, and understand that u owned CB190R before and your requirement is exactly as what i have now :


    In general, I want to look for a bike that (in order of decreasing priority)

    Has good fuel economy as well as capacity (so not really that keen on cubs)

    decent enough cruising speed and stability (80-100) without pushing the engine too much

    Comfortable for long rides (and maybe with pillion) and suits my large frame.

    As cheap as possible, both upfront costs and maintenance (although I know, cheap and good don't come together)

    Doesn't look too ugly (it's subjective) with rear box.


    So would like to know is the bike really fit all your needs above? Is it recommended to own it? i specially concern about the pillion as i am riding Honda Wave now and my wife is questioning about pillion on this type of street bike, any advice?


    Thanks in advance bro.



  2. Who says automated lanes are for foreigners only? Singapore passport holders can use as well. Most malaysians have automated clearance in Singapore because they applied for it (as they commute across borders for work often). You dun see many Singaporeans crossing the border to Malaysia for work often don't you?
  3. A wise man once said "No amount of locks will deter a determined thief. You just need to make your bike less rewarding than the once parked next to yours. You'll be surprised what a simple disc brake lock or brake lever lock can do."
  4. A MT03 will serve you well enough. It's cheap. (about $5-6k cheaper than a S4 revo or CB400X, brand new) It can commute. (handles very well and is very light and slim) It can tour. (top speed 190+, comfortable cruise up to 160kmph) It can race. (probably only duke390 can win in terms of pickup) It looks good with or without box and panniers. or megatubes. It has lotsa accessories. Windshield, sliders, crashbars, radiator guards, all touring essentials It has at least 3 legal aftermarket slip-ons (Akra, Leo Vince, Arrow) It can probably make you forget about upgrading to Class 2, unle
  5. about 6k rpm at 100kph. I can travel constant at 160kph until tank empty. How fast you want to cruise is up to you.
  6. I upgraded from a CB190R to a MT03 4 months ago, and it is awesome. Why did I choose the MT03? Mainly because of the price. Machine price excluding COE is about 10-11k ish, while the super 4 revo and CB400x is about 16k ish. Not to mention, the duke/rc390, bmw g310r, kawasaki versys-X 300 all cost more than the Yamaha MT03. The OMV of the MT03/R3 is about 5k, which makes it almost unaffected by the ARF hike last year. (which explains the huge difference in price comparing to S4) Power-wise, I dun see how the MT03 is underpowered. In fact, I think no other 300cc comes close to MT03's perf
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