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  1. Wow the collection here is v cool. awesome
  2. Manga on phoen a bit too small leh, I don't bother. use com read bgigerm ore shiok mah
  3. I keep a lot of pokemon toys hahaha, now pokemon go trending again, happy sia
  4. Bros, if I interested to learning investing, where u recommend to start reading?
  5. I play at bishan range, nearby only v convenient :D
  6. If friends got paly then play tgt, if not alone also ok lor. Anyone playing Evolve stage 2 here? Free to play now
  7. Ya nowadays use phone tether internet mroe convenient liao
  8. Agreed, I using xiaomi myself, cheap and powerful
  9. Agree with you bro. IMO both sides wrong la, drivers nvr signal, and motor too hiong sometimes
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