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  1. Have to get use to it and let the glove break in if its new.
  2. Might as well just get a bluetooth unit (Sena, FreedConn, etc) instead of a bluetooth integrated helmet
  3. A modular helmet is better, can change to full face or open face depending on situation. And better search on the internet if the visor is able to be easily remove so you can replace just the visor in the future if its in bad condition.
  4. Hi guys, need help regarding removing visor from TR06RR. I have tried searching for ways to remove the visor but mostly youtube show only those helmet that have the release clip like the HJC helmet. But for the TR06RR helmet, it only have the black screw/stopper that hold the visor in place and have tried screwing it but end up make a dent on it. Checked inside of the helmet it is behind the Styrofoam of the helmet and doesn't seem to budge (like its glue on to it). Are there any methods or ways to remove these type of visor? Do need some help. Red square is the black screw/stopp
  5. Need help on removing visor from a TR06RR. Unlike normal HJC helmet where you can push the clip and it will release the lock on the helmet visor, the TR06RR have 2 black stopper/screw that set the visor in place. Tried to turn the black stopper/screw but it became abit dented which I think its impossible. Remove the cheek/ear pad and notice that the Styrofoam is blocking the end of the black stopper/screw. Have search the whole internet but to no avail as most of the video show is using the quick release clip at the side. Need to know if anyone have remove such helmet visor bef
  6. Currently now I have owned a 2B bike after 2 years of hiatus (2 years without riding experience) as I'm unable to afford one due to some circumstances. But after getting on the bike for the first time after 2 years, I feel that my riding skill is not as high as when I was learning in SSDC. So I want to know if there is any good location to practice Figure 8 and such in Singapore with less to no obstacle?
  7. I work for ICA in-regards to the Automatic Clearance System, and I can say that Singaporean are able to use the automated lane to cross to and from Singapore. The reason some wanted to use the manual counter are - fingerprint is worn out and the automated lane are unable to verify it - guarantee sure pass as a officer manually verify your information The underline is, Singaporean are able to use the Automated lane UNLESS if a officer verbally stop you from using the Automated lane for who knows what is the reason. You can politely ask them if it comes to that point.
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