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  1. You might wanna try selling to this guy. http://www.sidecar.sg/contact-us/
  2. CCK

    SBF Tmax Cafe

    Not sure. But I am also waiting.
  3. So what is the damage cost @ PML?
  4. . Hi guys, just come in to say hi. How are you guys doing?
  5. Thank you! So you buy from fellow members here? Just think of enjoying your ride since you already bought it.
  6. Thank You. If can sell, changing to car or else.....
  7. Selling my 4 Years old Silverwing(FJS 400D, Euro Model) Bike Sold
  8. Selling my 4 Years old Silverwing(FJS 400D, Euro Model) Bike Sold
  9. How much will it cost for 1 box? Still can find the IUH24D? Now incamp, can sms me @94792600.
  10. My best access area is from the right side compartment. Same step as yours but with additional step of taking out the right side compartment for access. I only use the boomerang opening for viewing only.
  11. Hi Uncle. Possible to share which shop you go for Metzeler tires changed plus balancing? Thank you in advance.
  12. Heard that Metzeler Feelfree currently nil stock. It is good for wet N dry weather. I miss it. Now no choice, changed to Diablo Scooter.
  13. How I wished I could, Being grounded long time ago. Still waiting for exit permit.
  14. OK. Thanks. Just got mine changed yesterday at Unique. Same price with installation. Ready stock, think Moto World bring in few sets. Now awaiting for my rear shock.
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