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  1. You might wanna try selling to this guy. http://www.sidecar.sg/contact-us/
  2. CCK

    SBF Tmax Cafe

    Not sure. But I am also waiting.
  3. So what is the damage cost @ PML?
  4. How much you pay for your bike (OTR price)?? Where did you buy from?? Hong Leong or Excel?? Where did you sent for servicing and how much you paid for??
  5. How long have you been riding it? How is the conditions you find in that bike? How is the fuel consumption like? How is the maintainces fees like? (servicing) How you compare it with S4?
  6. Can anyone tell me how is the xjr400r fuel consumption like? How much it cost to sent for servicing? And Shinigami how is the conditions of your bike now, have you done your valve clearance yet? How much it cost? Thought of getting it.
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