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  1. To find out electrical problems is very time consuming. But electrical-wise, SP can be considered simple compared to newer bikes. Only depends if your mech got the time and willing to do or not.
  2. Carb bikes are very simple. Start from the most basic. Change spark plug and wash the carb. My SP was collecting dust for 6months, after i came back cannot start at all even push start. My mech just change spark plug and wash carb. TADA!
  3. Increase in supply but no increase in demand. Old bikes not easy to pass annual inspection, especially the emission test...
  4. My FT plate sp coe ends in October 2021. Last batch of sp i reckon should be in 2002. Lets see how many sp will pass the 20year old mark :cheer:
  5. Congrats on getting your license. On the other hand, prepare to spend some money on wear and tear
  6. You should have spend some time to read more about SP before getting one. I only recommend getting SP if you stick with it till her COE end. The money spent on wear and tear you will never get back. SP have another nickname, Super Problematic. I have a short period where only my rear brake is working, another period only front brake working. Did top, clutch overhaul and many minor stuff. That being said, SP can be one of the best bike to ride (imo) if all is in good condition.
  7. how to host an image Any laojiao ever seen or used this 2T before?
  8. 2x full overhaul can get another SP already... Like what fx said, best to provide us with more info if you want to narrow down the problem.
  9. Overhaul got 2 kind, new block+piston or full overhaul incl conrod. Which one you did? If only change block and piston, it may not have solved your problem. On another hand, your clutch healthy? Worn clutch can cause some power loss i heard.
  10. Bro you bringing your SP to track? If not, i dont see why you should worry. Previously my newly overhauled SP @5800rpm in 6th gear can hit 100km/h. Already over the speed limit in SG.
  11. I go to Koon Motors at 61 Lengkok bahru. He is a one man show, very very busy guy.
  12. Hello fx, just got a Nc29 L model. If i have any question, can i drop you a pm?
  13. Yup can see he is a SP lao jiao. Im just lucky to have found a honest sg mech. Those ride SP after awhile will know how to take care of it, provided you have the interest that is.
  14. I too have an unpleasant experience at bapok. Gonna share my story but not mentioning any names. -1year+ ago when i just got my sp, i frequent bapok. -Couple months later, Mech open up for top service, he said piston need to change so i went ahead. -One week+ later, midnight riding along KJE (returning from JB,pump petrol) bike suddenly died. About 1sec~2sec later heard rear wheel lock, quickly clutch in and filter to shoulder. (FML piston jam) -For about 5mins tried to start but no avail. Push bike to nearest exit and wait at bus stop. -After awhile, can start then slowly ride back hom
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