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  1. Anyone rode both the Silverwing 400 and Burgman 400 before?

    I used to ride the Silverwing 400. Intend to return to scooter now.

    Considering my options now and would like to know if the performance of the Burgman differs much from the Silverwing.


    i've always heard great reviews of SW, there's y i'm looking for it but i knw it can be more pricey

  2. Yes, there are 2A scooters from Yamaha and Honda. There's Honda silverwing and Yamaha Majesty. Both 400cc.

    Other brands include:


    Suzuki Burgman


    Adiva (3 wheeler)

    Aprilia SR MAX


    All are popular brands. Adiva has its own niche, so it's not as widely seen.

    The new Suzuki Burman is creating waves.

    You may want to take a look at that.

    The FB group is very active.



    I own a used Maxsym for more than a year. So far, hasn't given me any problems as I'm a light user.

    Love the bike for its storage though.

    If storage is what you're after, the burgman or maxsym will suit you.


    There are threads in the scooter section for each of the above.

    Feel free to look around and ask questions.

    Quite sure many members will help you out here :)


    i'm looking for used and it's hard to find used 2A scooters from honda or yamaha.


    think i'll skip suzuki, the spares are dominated by 2 shops in singapore and their prices are pretty high as there's no competition, partly the reason i'm selling my DRZ


    i'll try to look ard in the diff sections. there are so many models now, dnt knw which to start :D

  3. Hi,

    I have a fully stock DRZ for sale or trade.


    COE - April 2017

    color: black

    outlook: 6/10

    engine: 8/10


    comes with rear box rack only, I'm keeping the box


    items: MCCT, handguards, K&N air filter and sliders


    Price: $3,200 (neg)


    This bike have served me well when i 1st got it, selling off as I've been riding it for many yrs, want to change diff type of bike.


    I'm not someone who takes care of the outlook of my bike, so u'll see worn paint and scratches but nothing that a decal job from 219 wouldn't be able to cover.


    i spend my money fully on the engine and safety, so my bike is regularly serviced at planet motors, oil change every 5000 to 6000km with fully syn oil. tyres still have a lot of life in it and i put on gd brake pads and steel braided brake hose.


    1 point to note, this bike has travelled to places and I've actually maxed out the odometer, so the speedo dashboard is only useful for telling the speed you are at. you can change to a vapor trail speedo if you are particular.


    open to trade with cls 2A maxi scooters.


    PM me to start talking, viewing will at aljunied/serangoon area



  4. Hi,

    i'm in the market for maxi scooters, preferably 2A.


    saw lots of SYM and KYMCO, are these gd brands to get? any recommended models to look out for?


    any 2A maxi scooters from yamaha or honda?


    lastly, what's a recommended workshop for scooters? my reg workshop doesn't do scooters



  5. If i remember correctly, Motorpay means you have to pay a fee to use the service, on top of the ERP charge! That's why I didn't sign up for it. Otherwise its convenient.


    it's a small sum to pay if you really need the convenience. think it's $3/mth

  6. CooL! SOrry really putting it on 5th? It's a friday btw...


    wow 100-110 my engine would be really pissed =P Riding a phantom 200 and it really loves its 90-100 range.. guess i belong to the slow-2 group :p


    but if friday not sure if i can make it, since my leaves are sort of non-existent =(


    it's a public holiday bro

  7. sounds exciting. but are class 2b bike accepted for this trip? 100-110kmh cruising speed acceptable?


    you dnt have to worry abt tht. we'll have the fast grp and the slow grp. we take care of everyone

  8. Ya, 5th November a Guy Fawlkes ride.


    Meet Esso GP 7am, then proceed to Kluang for breakfast, then Mersing for lunch, then

    Air Papan for seaside and fly kite kopi and sit around, then ostrich farm and coffee then home. And those feeling adventurous, can do the Kota Tinggi to Permas Jaya off road :)


    So how


    sounds gd but let's go somewhere else for breakfast :p

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