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  1. I'm a newbie driver. Started with an HJC RPHA ST full face for protection. Realise SG weather really hot and I'm more sweaty than normal. After much research and shopping, bought a Shoei Neotec and never looked back. Was comparing with HJC RPHA Max, but the RPHA Max build quality is not as good as Shoei. Neotec's venting is really really good too. Essential for our knn weather. Not to be preachy but I also hope to see more riders wearing riding jackets and proper footwear. Too many of us are taking chances with t-shirts and slippers. I'll rather buy a slightly cheaper helmet and jacket rather than spending all on 1 expensive helmet. Ride safe everyone!
  2. Hi guys, time to part with my bike. Do let your friends know if they are in the market for one! https://carousell.com/p/62929972/ http://www.singaporebikes.com/sgbikemart/usedbikes/yamaha_fz_16-44714.html Thank you all!
  3. Class 3C can only drive "normal" cars below 3ton. This will affect all the foreign workers driving lorries or company transport, they cannot drive their lorries unless they take the whole Class 3 licence like the rest of us. Sure they can convert their licence to 3C but it's practically useless for the company and for their work. They are making things harder for foreign worker drivers, not easier.
  4. I wear a compression cool suit bought off Carousell and keep a shirt/Tshirt in the bag or box until I reach my destination. Feels cooler as the evaporative effect is improved and also jacket stays fresh for a longer time in between washes. Any other tips to keep cool in SG while practicing ATGATT?
  5. I watched almost all the reviews on Youtube. A lot more available but they are in Spanish or Portuguese, me no understanding. Reviews are generally positive. I guess in SG most 2A riders will go for popular models like Super 4, 400X etc. So far I have only seen one MT-03 and it was a Msian plate.
  6. Yes a pair. Size is same as stock tyres, 110 & 140. Wheel balancing is same as what they do for cars, the rim & tyre is mounted on a machine and small metal weights are attached to the rims to counter any imbalance in the wheels. My front wheel needed some weights while my rear is fine. Overall bike feels smoother at cruising speed. I went to W**g Y*p at AMK Ave 10. Disclaimer: I'm was a first time customer too as I've just started riding and haven't settle on a regular bike shop.
  7. Hi KleanUpGuy, I just changed to Pirelli Angel City last Sat together with wheel balancing. Tyre feels great so far for commuting. Got it at $158. Hope that helps
  8. I just bought a set from Carousell. Aluminum levers with reach adjustment. $35. Just search for "FZ16 brake clutch levers"
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