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  1. anyone interested in an fz telegram group? message me ur nickname!
  2. hello, can anybody advise me what to do when u get into accident? was very lost when i kena cos i was w my gf. bang into taxi when he change lane without looking. was on 3rd and he was from 1st, was riding on my lane without speeding or swerving in and out cos it was at 1am and there were no cars except for me and the taxi. i sustained wrist injury and my gf at her knees, my bike kena more rabak. called my ins fwd and they sent officer to access me and my bike next morning. been searching for workshop to fix my bike which is a kr and help me claim ins and medical fees. found on
  3. thanks desmond. anybody can accompany go jb w me for my bike haha or in sg also cam, i think im in the same boat azazil was a few months back
  4. anyone good w krr knowledge, just got mine a week ago but need to do full service and rectify alot of problems. finding a good place to help fix my kr also, hard to find nowadays plus it’s expensive. i cry everyday refueling my bike. helpppop
  5. Inside, stall turning right from slope, Just passed on 2nd attempt w 12 points! How about you bro?
  6. failed tp with 6 points and 1 IF, siannnnnnnnnnnnnn
  7. Update Prac 1 - 2 Prac 2 - 1 Prac 3.1 - 1 Prac 3.2 - 1 Prac 4 - 1 Prac 5 - 1 Prac 6 -2 Prac 7 - 2 Cleared RTT yesterday and just finished prac 7. Felt better, gonna wait for TP on the 19th of April.
  8. Prac 7 was $58 for me on weekends, $54 on weekdays. I dont know whats the difference between the old and new standard, all i know is TP implemented the new standard during test. Prac 7 starts off with Defensive Riding, then to Road Test Route and then Circuit. Quite different from CDC cos it was Circuit then Road and that's it. I just finished my lesson 5-7 today. RTT on thursday and 7 on friday. If all goes well..
  9. Update Prac 1 - 2 Prac 2 - 1 Prac 3.1 - 1 Prac 3.2 - 1 Prac 4 - 1 Prac 5 - 1 Prac 6 -2 Prac 7 - 1 (Fail) Had to retake 6 cos i didnt do night riding.. waste money but whats more waste money is failing 7. I knew i didnt do well cos of the bike. Do not take row 7 bike 60 something, biting point was far and easily stall, gear shifting is ridiculous because sometimes it would stay at N after so many kick downs/ups and handle to turn felt really different. Dont believe me go and try it out. Got so many points cos of this, felt like my CDC days again í ½í¸ží ½í¸­ Hopefully i’ll f
  10. Update Prac 1 - 2 Prac 2 - 1 Prac 3.1 - 1 Prac 3.2 - 1 Prac 4 - 1 Gonna get my PDL done and RTT asap. Trying to clear as many lesson by this week!
  11. booked a slot today on the 27th, was really excited but then last min i realized i cancelled my prac long time ago, knn. need to wait for next wk. someone sell me tmr pls haha
  12. Practical 2 20th January Sold my slot for 19th and got 20th instead. Circuit was pack this time, always irratated with the cars. Passed on my first try. Hopefully i can go for practical 3.1 tomorrow, please someone sell it to me! haha Will update for practical 3.
  13. yeah its normal to repeat prac 1, i cleared lesson 1 on my second try haha
  14. anyway, i cant make it for my prac 2 on the 19th at 1:05pm, this coming friday. anyone wanna take instead? hope i can sell this friday’s slot and book another one this wkend.
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