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  1. Bro can send me vtec manual? Thank you so much.


    my email is [email protected]



  2. lawrence coming back tues nite only. So most likely we meet wed or thursday. Btw, lawrence is the guy with the most detailed & latest thailand GPS malsing maps. So we must all hope he come for this meeting & i also want a copy of his maps. Many ppl who owns GPS if they knew this will surely want to come. I'll make u a copy of the mapsource software.
  3. sure, lets meet up at alexandra rd's frangipani villa , tues or wed at about 6.30pm. i'll pass u a copy of d CD. I'll confirm date on Monday. hopefully lawrence can come along & tell us his recent bike trip to thailand.
  4. 2 months ago , i rode my bike into restricted mandai forest to check on my favourite secret durians trees ( see got fruits or not) , i saw a whole platoon of soldiers resting in a training shed. The soldiers & instructors there dun even bother to look at me, they rather rest & chit chat in the training shed. But out of respect, I make a U turn & go out. But that place is a fav durian hunting ground for many many ppl.
  5. i was at plaza singapura 3 hr ago. Saw the asus eee at a shop there. I ask the salesman , can i test it to watch online movies? He say ok , so i tried to connect to movie6.net to watch the latest movies & crunchyroll.com to watch the latest drama series. But to my disappointment, i found it took such a long time to connect to the website that i gave up. I hv a feeling this asus eee has a problem accessing certain flash enabled website or perhaps lots of tweaking is required on the build-in firefox surfer first. The salesman told me he tried to watch youtube the previous day, but t
  6. 23rd Feb, 2.00pm - 7pm Recce of Singapore Secret Beaches Each time when u ride along TPE, you can see 2 big & scenic looking rivers. First is ponggol river. http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i86/tt6389/ponggol%20recce%2027Dec07/SSL22388.jpg At the end of the river mouth, there is island called pulau ponggol timour. Let's ride our bikes to the area at the river mouth to enjoy the view. The map below shows how to go there. The next river you can see below is Serangoon river. http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i86/tt6389/ponggol%20recce%2027Dec07/SSL22390.jpg Also at the e
  7. we can always adjust the time to 3pm if u coming.
  8. Can try watch online movies here on yr kohjinsha; to see if it is jerky :- Aliens vs predators -> http://movie6.net/movie-/?p=280 I doubt the Asus eee can do this coz it doesn't hv flash players.
  9. exploration for secret beaches in spore will be sat 23 feb 2pm. Sungei belumut waterfall should be 1st half of march.
  10. i also read reviews that say Kohjinsha keyboard is very stiff for typing long documents.
  11. kohjinsha when first launched was only 900+. Maybe the march PC show got offer for it as well as eee. ------ there's pro & cons for eee & kohjinsha. if wanna compare, we cannot compare in terms of upgrading eee to XP, coz it's pointless. Must compare in terms of eee running on linux. EEE is extremely hardy coz no moving parts - no hard disk. Cons is limited softwares. Kohjinsha got hard disk & higher resolution screen & equally small, portable & light. Can almost put inside yr waist pouch nicely. But got hard disk means u can't hold in yr hand coz any vibrat
  12. how much it cost u to respray yr boldor white? got any close up pic?
  13. i hv seen chromed header of a phantom bike peeling off & rusting. Dun think chrome can last under heat.
  14. another tip here is always backup yr registry by performing a "export" to yr root directory when yr comp is new. Just type "regedit" at the START - RUN function, then click "file" , select "All", click "export" to root directory. The meaning of "export" is actually save as; use the current date as the name of the file you are saving. Always do a "export" before installing new software or otherwise, export every 3 months or so. When yr comp one day faces problem or become very slow, you can recall back yr registry by selecting "import" of the latest Registry that you saved. This
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