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  1. When i took 2b almost everyday got lessons. Once i took 3 lessons in a day. 3-6 months take into account reattempt. Did u take in bbdc first or not
  2. TS u go where? Give up already? Or instructors lenient to girls give u straight TP?
  3. I passed 2b on 3rd attempt. Class 2a 1st attempt. Anyway if they pass u bcos ur a girl, it is not good for you.
  4. Maybe. Depends on instrs too. Your question nobody can answer. If u go almost everyday, maybe 3-6months
  5. Countdown to enrolment on 10 Aug 2018 for class 2 at bbdc.
  6. If there are 50 testers I don't think anyone can pass...
  7. Half clutch, don't rush into changing to gear 2
  8. Got it. After gear 2, release clutch and no need throttle, just roll thru the slaloms. If throttle, engine will knock
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