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  1. Help me plz!I am a student from Singapore polytechnic and i am trying to do my final year project by surveying some motorcyclist for information about motorcycle grooming! may i have your kind help to do our survey? i currently only need 20 more responses to get the work done! tytyty a lot for your kind attention!!!


    here is the link for the survey



    Plz ask your friend to help me if possible because im really struggling to find any bikers in Singapore. :bow::bow::bow:

  2. Got visor right?

  3. Ermax can be gotten at Motoworld....about 145.
  4. Parts of ur vara is on my bike....u wanna come and touch2 them????
  5. Hie bro.....hows ur baby vara? Btw mind telling me from whom u bought the bike from?

  6. This afternoon saw 1 bike complete overhaul....got metal havings in engine oil sia. Haizzzzz
  7. Ride safe and Godspeed palmer.....ur doing what i intend to do in 5 yrs time. Enjoy the moments yeah bro.
  8. heh heh, kmax my thoughts exactly.
  9. Repairs / Maintenance : * Fuel Sensor $40 (Planet)custom 4 & above * Battery $30-35 (Planet) / $48 (Ah Koon) * Steering cone $55-65 * Chain Tensioner $55-60 (for tick tick sound at cold start) * Front brake disc $45 * tyres (metz) $150 front & back * Chain $70-120 depending on type * Chain + Sprocket - $140+/- * DID O RING with Original Honda Sprocket - $130 (Planet, did it this afternoon) * signal lights - depending on which type you like. $8-25. * signal bulb, headlight bulb - 1 $ (LAB, easy DIY) (add on: approved brighter ones for $8. bought from koon.) * headlight - a
  10. Yeah kiamh, was wondering bout ur pic change. Guess kmax beat me to it, just like the footpegs yah....lol. Anyway guys.....the suzuki boulevard looks delicious to me. Sat on it at Looi's and it definitely looks bigger than its 400cc. Hmm....waiting for my 2A.
  11. Mebbe lunloon wants to organise a convoy to work every working day....lol.
  12. The "singer" jinggle came to my mind when i read this man. Dun just use any oil bro, there are proper stuffs for certain things. Some bros here use engine oil for it. There is also wax and spray. I tried using some spray last time but i dun feel that its effective. Using GP1 chain wax now....and i think and feel "personally" that its good enuff for me. Can be gotten at bikeshops for 8 or 9 bucks i think.
  13. Whats bugging me.....exams in a few hrs more....maths some more...haizz
  14. I also travel along AYE....why ah?
  15. Yeah, im curious bout the wash carburetor part. Some ppl say that if no problem, NEVER disturb the carb while some ppl say that wash carb is a good thing to get rid of the residues. Lao jiaos care to give comments?
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