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  1. https://www.case.org.sg/consumer_guides_cpfta.aspx Understand your rights, they are ******* for selling problematic bike. I understand the feeling as I was also in your situation before. Have you kept all the receipt for all your repairs? Please report such business so that new rider will not encounter bad experience like ours.
  2. Some noob question here.. Mine is the silver blue, so the bike is matt.. I understand matt cannot polish or wax, but can I do like any coating to it?
  3. What do you guys have for motorcycle keychain? Do you keep the keys with your house keys? Care to share? Best with pics
  4. I'm even later but for others who are thinking of renting, I totally agree with Bro reize.. Pay a bit more by going reputable places like BHH or Unique.. The last thing you want is a bad experience, especially when you are trying out riding..
  5. Those white lined parking lots along the road also belong to a carpark code.. So long its not within the list of excluded carpark, you can park there without coupon.. I parked at those white lot between Hong Kong street and carpenter street, only the bike beside me got fined..
  6. You actually successfully predicted the number plate thing.. LOL!!!
  7. No one PM me but just to let you guys know the price. Coverset including the bottom black plastic cost $120, seats cost $20, mirror $8 a pair and the original pillion handle at $5. Did not buy anything related to engine including air filter although it is cheap as well. The price is in SGD at my exchange rate that time, 24.98. Everything still within the 30KG luggage that I had including my personal shopping stuff. Maybe my fino is the old model, thus the cheap price. Maybe if you include all the transportation and installation fee, you might feel that its more worth it to do at wing yap (a
  8. This is the quota for this current bid, not the next 3 month.. This is the link that is showing the quota allocation for Aug to Oct: https://www.lta.gov.sg/content/dam/ltaweb/corp/PublicationsResearch/files/FactsandFigures/COEQuotaAllocationRV.pdf Even with the link above, its not showing quota of more than 500 for each of the subsequent bids.. The news also released that the monthly quota is less than 1k, how will there be more than 500 for each bid for the next 3 mth? http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/dip-in-coe-supply-for-next-3-month-period
  9. Me too!! They seems to embrace riders with love.. Passing tolls on special bike lane (free), petrol pump just for motorcycle without the need to pay at cashier and ample of parking space even at the malls.. I was never barred entry into a carpark while riding motorcycle.. But in Singapore, I had seen that "No Motorcycle" sign at countless of shopping mall parking :(..
  10. Wow!!! Where you get that figure? Edited: Hope you are not referring to the current COE as the time I posted that, it was because I saw the current COE quota crossing the 500 mark.
  11. Guys, the last time COE quota available for bid reach over 500 is on Jan 2014. After that, quota for CAT D had stayed at the 300 - 400 range. The next COE available should also be around 500 as well given the unused COE from the previous bid. I might be wrong, but still - happy bidding :thumb:
  12. Hi All, I understand that some rider thinks that lane splitting is dangerous. I agree, especially there are some who lane split at high speed. Yet I believe that lane splitting is the reason why some of us ride bike for our daily commute. Recently, I was shouted at by a driver for lane splitting. I was apologetic at that time thinking that my bike had touched his car, stop and said sorry and ask where is the damage thinking that I had to pay for it or claim insurance. In the end, he just keep shouting about the danger and did not tell me where I damage his car (which I think I did not).
  13. If we don't get to buy our bike at reasonable price, we will crash and burn with everyone.. :angry: Just kidding
  14. NO!!! This is how we can crash the market.. LOL For example, there are a total of 474 COE in this bidding. We amass 475 riders and bid a fix amount, say $6k. The COE QP will show as $6001 as there are not enough COE for the rider at $6k price point. The unused COE will then be 474, which will be rolled over. After rolling for these 3 mth period, the price should plummet with near 1k COE quota in every bid for the next 3 mth period. The price to pay for those 475 rider is only $2 each bid, total $12. Moreover, we can bid ridiculous pricing since there will always be someone bidding
  15. Guys, there are high unused COE for the recent 2 bids. There are limited information on how they handle these COE, anyone got info on these? The only thing I got is that these unused COE will be rolled over to the next respective bidding exercise, i.e. 3 mth later. Any one care to verify this information? Thank you.
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