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  1. You can try Clifford from K&T, he's done all the work on my CBR400RR this year. I think he's a pretty stand up guy. Contact is +65-9669-6118. Don't think he's the cheapest but he knows his stuff, especially old Honda motorcycles.
  2. Bumping this up for recommendations for wheel powdercoating. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Recommendations for Michelin Pilot Road 4? I may need to get a tow as well as my battery is dead and my rear tire could be flat. Do shops here do free tow? Thanks.
  4. I'm looking to pick up a Shoei GT-Air from Powerstar Motors - Mike there is a nice guy.
  5. New rider in Singapore but proud recent of a 92 CBR400RR-L! As these bikes are getting older, I assume there will be less and less of them around. Anybody here still riding their BabyBlades around? Would be nice to get to meet a few of you. Just picked up a CBR400RR last week and will need to bring her to get some basic maintenance stuff done along with getting my speedo looked at.
  6. Hey folks, happy new year! I'm shopping around for a Ducati 696 and found one with about 49K KM on the odometer. What's a fair price for the bike and what would be considered a good deal? I haven't been in Singapore long enough to get an idea on what prices to be expecting.
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