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  1. Hey how are you

  2. lucky i passed the test :angel:
  3. i kena 3 weeks back.. n i was only less than 5km from my block :giddy:
  4. :sian: my house area is no longer safe from road block
  5. tired than slowly become sleepy
  6. there 2 reason 1)he did signal right..but i guess his bulb was spolit 2) he didnt signal cos signal will waste alot of battery current
  7. oic...dun really look like a pig :cheeky:
  8. no it is against the law to have a full time job n own business
  9. like abit too big to put on hp leh
  10. hmm LI close down on 170208 @ 5am? :cheeky:
  11. ur signature abit wrong..should be LI close down on 170208
  12. till i saw the nose than i realise is a pig.. :faint:
  13. almost tat was a dog in ur avator pic
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