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  1. hi i would wanna ask when your RS Taichi RS001 Waterproof shoe coming in cos i went to your shop last week only to find the old model. The size that i wear is 10. so when your stock comes in can give me a PM? Thanks Regards
  2. Asking when this RS001 got stock cos i went to your shop at kakit bukit only have the old model one. i wear a size 10 so if there is stock can PM me? Thanks
  3. thanks i will enjoy the bike... but kind of pity it cos i ride it in rain also damm dirty now need to wash it FAST... haha...
  4. thanks for the advice... just asking... 12k svcing can collect bike on the same day if you make appointment..? and do they change eng oil and stuff or just do valve clearance..? as for your exhaust if you wanna let go pls let me know thanks... btw i am the guy that call you to ask about your bike... my nick and name is the same.. haha
  5. thanks again for the advice... now its time to save money to buy.... hahaa....
  6. thanks for ansing my queries. but i am still quite blur with this exhaust thing... you say that the slip on is legal. do we get a cert from LTA? Cos i found a 2 to 2 full system on sale now. if there is no cert= no prove therefore feel like getting that 2 to 2 full system liao... haha... currently still dont get use to the bike therefore dont dare to ride hard yet. And also i do not kow whether the last owner done svcing a not therefore going to bring in to get it done. just asking how much does it cost to do the 12k svcing?? cos going to reach soon... sian....
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