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  1. bro, drop me a msg... 90083885(chong)

  2. hihi. wanna make friend, what bike are youg riding?

  3. yo stardust .. i like to join s4c ..

  4. i tink ur seal is worn .. if the driping is ur eo..
  5. ***NOTICE*** NGEE ANN POLY ST SOCCER COURT NEAR THE MAIN ENTRANCE FRIDAY 22/02/08 7pm - 9pm FREE GAME CLICK HEREFOR MAP TO NGEE ANN POLY SOCCER COURT. The star in the map is the main entrance. Once u ride/walk in to Ngee ann main gate the court is at ur left aka SPORT COURT in the map. TIME: 6+PM, OFFICIAL KICKOFF AT 7PM till 9pm late ALL BIKERS/NON BIKERS & PRETTY BABES FOR SUPPORT WELCOME! This is a confirmed game. 1) jB (Predator) 2) Captain Panda 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) edition 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) Player Count (who confirmed): THRE
  6. iya but seriously TP won;t reli catch u without the psb sticker as long as he aready know is legal (e.g. evo II helmet common n is known to legal )n next will he bother to stop u for tt sticker .. as long as u wear a helmet.. unless he is picking on u .. but if u wan to play safe u can use khaitronic method ..
  7. to add on tevez nt in too .. the 4 attacker only rooney play for last nite game ..
  8. i aready book 7 to 8 .. each student can only book 1 hr slot nia .. so confirm tt st soccer court 1 is the court near sch main gate rite?
  9. glory glory man u with 4 - 0 win over arsenal ..
  10. man u oso saving player for big matches for next thursday .. see the 1st 11 u will roughly noe liao
  11. GLORY GLORY MAN U !! HOHO !! Nani performance today is better den before ..
  12. wat u got to look out for ur 2B = to 2A .. 2A is ver easy to pass from what i know .. they dun reli bother abt 2A testee ..
  13. good game tonight .. max : yeah nice meetin u 2 .. u a gd df n goalie to me .. fast player
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