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  1. One belt reserved. Left one last piece to clear.
  2. I have ordered 3 Malossi kevlar belts to save on shipping cost. I will be using one and got two to let go at my cost. Please view the below link and pm me on carousell. Thanks. https://sg.carousell.com/p/155900521/
  3. Hi Guys, I have just got myself a used Xciting 400i, mileage coming to 28,000km. Bike is totally stock. The previous owner has yet to replace any parts at the moment. 1) I noticed that the engine has some vibration under 4,000rpm but ride smooth above that. Is it due to wear and tear on parts? What parts do I need to replace to improve on this? 2) May I know what is the estimated mileage to replace rollers, belt, clutch, contra spring, clutch bell etc? 3) Where do you guys buy parts from? 4) Can anyone recommend me a reputable bike shop that will help service and replace parts
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