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  1. hey bro, my number is 90031703. whats up? :)

  2. apolcalypse, private message me ur number,, thank u

  3. re: pc5 for sale


    bro, in regard above subject, appreciate if you could provide detail & cost..



  4. Ya need Alan key to remove the screw

  5. hey kane, how much u intend to sell ur r6?

    i got a ready potential buyer..

    saw u logging in yest but didn't reply..


    fastest reply is greatly appreaciated..

    thanx !

  6. hey naruto, i cant seem to download 2009 r6 manual from the site u shared.. u have the file? can send to me?

  7. aie, aku nak mintak pendapat...

    for 2009 600cc series, wat should i take?

    r6? k9 600 or cbr600?


    aku observe kau org lame..

    jadi org lame tahu lebih kan..

    any views my fren?

    otak buntu nie...

  8. yes my bestie... any probs? heheee....
  9. wish to ask... how u get ur parts of japan then? how do u import?
  10. anybody here wear hugen watches?
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