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  1. I passed my TP, and in the time it took to get my license, I made a few observations that I think should be useful to anyone taking their lessons with SSDC. Enjoy the wall of text Booking in SSDC Circuit revision is available for booking after lesson 3.2, and road revision is available for booking after lesson 4. The instructors will always encourage you to book revision lessons even though it's optional, but IMHO, try to book circuit revision and/or road revision before the appropriate lessons. The instructors will be able to refer to your booklet to see if you have gone for them wheneve
  2. BBDC has the best passing rate, followed closely by SSDC. IMHO all the instructors know their stuff, and you'll always have instructors good and bad at teaching in every center. Go for the one that is closest to you because the reduction in commute time increases your flexibility. Take basic theory lessons Clear basic theory test Take riding theory lessons Clear riding theory test Take practical lessons Clear TP That's the general flow, but I believe different centers will have slightly different ways of doing it. SSDC allows you to start on your practical lessons immediately
  3. I mapped out the circuit in Powerpoint with my own notes on certain sections. It doesn't cover every single thing (blind spots, speed for emergency brake, etc) because it's more a "common mistakes" for myself. I ended up not using it much but I hope it's useful for you. Here's a link to the Dropbox folder.
  4. I actually stay a 15 minutes walk away from SSDC so I think I'll just stick around for a trysell slot, failing which I'll book the next earliest practical. I saw an online comment about counter not showing trysell slots too! I think it was from you in the 2017 thread haha. Thanks for the heads up! Edit: Totally see what you mean about not waiting for trysell slots. Had a morning session close up because I hesitated on whether to book it or not lol
  5. Thanks! Appreciate it. Does that mean it's rare for there to be slots open on the same day?
  6. Hi all, taking 2B for the second time because of violations on another class. I notice that the schedule shows available slots even if I'm looking at the same day. Does that mean it's possible to book more than 1 practical in a day through the system? I assume that would be possible for trysell?
  7. Not very familiar with the different alternatives, but I just wanna point out that you may consider increasing the timeframe to more than a month. A bike is a big boy's toy, and the learning curve (I feel) is correspondingly steeper. 2 months in I'm pretty comfortable at speed, but I'm still learning new things every now and then, especially on bike handling at low speeds.
  8. Oops, forgot to update the thread... I got my bike 2 months back. Ended up getting a first-hand Honda CB190R. I decided against cubs because of the crosswind (and again, ATGATT), and decided against my colleague's Duke because somehow, within 4 years, the odometer has reset.
  9. There's also a video version of this. I was linked to the abridged version in my bike whatsapp group.
  10. Just wanna weigh in on the bike. I got it 2 months back and have ridden about 1.7k with it. In terms of aesthetics, this is a big bike. Dry weight is about 140kg, which is the same as a Phantom. Because of the big tank fairings, it looks like a 2A bike. Riding posture is a between a sportbike and a normal street bike (think something like FZ, etc.). The handlebars are pretty low. I personally am afraid to ride on a sportsbike because the posture makes it feel like I’d have lesser control of the bike, but I have no such problem with this bike. FC is pretty good, like what you’d ex
  11. I do that too, and it's a major pain in the butt, especially if it's raining and I have to struggle to get my Drymaster over everything in the big rain. That's why I decided to look for something waterproof and easy-on. That it's easy-on means it'll be on me at all times anyway, so if it starts raining I can just pop my rain jacket over my top. (Anyway, if you're looking for rain gear that's easy-on, these pants seem like they were designed solely for the zippers and waterproofing.) The zippers will have storm flaps inside and/or velcro on the outside to make it waterproof. Of course, ho
  12. I try to cover myself up as much as possible. However, sometimes the pants are just a pain to get on (because I'm also wearing riding boots). I'm looking for a pair of waterproof pants that have zippers that run the entire length on the side for easy-on-and-off. Just wondering if anyone knows of a particular model that is available in Singapore. I messaged multiple apparel shops in Singapore but I'm not getting any good responses.
  13. The 2017 Induction has a lowered price in exchange for losing the waterproof liner. Unless the local shops are bringing in the old models, you're not getting any waterproofing with this.
  14. Hello all. I've decided it's time to get a bike after getting my 2B license in November, before the COE starts going up. I'm very concerned about protection. I've tried to shop a little on websites like Motoworld, but the brands that they have don't seem to have any form of reviews in terms of affordability, protection, waterproofing, etc, so I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations. My top 3 criteria are: Protection Price Comfort My budget for all my gear is about $1000 or lesser. I'm looking to get the following: Full-face helmet Jacket and leggings w
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