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  1. Hi all I got an accident in Malaysia on 31/7 with my bike against a Malaysia car. I have major injuries on my left chest , shoulder, arm, hands with countless of stitches. My wrist was fracture and need to go through a surgery to put a wire inside. Doctor put me 2 months MC but I am afraid the injury will affect my career as a piano teacher.


    I will go to Malaysia again this Wednesday to file a police report, and tow my bike back to NTUC report centre at Ubi (which suggest by NTUC). May I asked any recommended bike shop that specialized in handling inter border accident insurace to claims for my bike and most importantly my body injuries. Or any experience lawyers specialized handling such case? I'm aware it's very hard to claim against foreign vehicle and it might took over a year .


    Thanks all and appreciated your help.

  2. I just got my 2A license and decided to get a used super four. From what I noticed from the market, older Spec 3 seems very expensive compare to newer Revo? Most of them are selling at $13-15k (even those '05 or '06), while I can find a '08 Revo easily at $5.5k-6.5k, then renew the COE @ around $5k, add up only $11-12K? May I know what's the reason Spec 3 is so expensive?


    My budget is below $8.5K on next purchase:

    1) spec2 coe '22/23,$7k+

    2) revo '07/08,$5-6k+

    3) revo '09/10/11,$8k+


    Any advise? Thanks. :weep:

  3. Hi I have a 2010 honda cbr150r old model, did a full overhaul last November, just changed the sprocket and chain, EO last month. Usually at 100kmh, the rpm is about 6k+ with minimal vibration, when I throttled to 110-120kmh, only the rpm will raise to 7k+, and I will feel the vibration, but it still responsive and powerful.


    But some strange thing happen yesterday, my rpm shoot up 7k when I only ride at about 95kmh. When I throttle a little more, it has a strange feeling like the engine reached it's limit and just wont go any further, the rpm and speed just stuck at 7k and 100kmh.


    Send to a bike shop at Yishun, mechanic said clutch plate problem. So I change the clutch plate, clutch cable, and EO, cost about $130. Tried a little bit on my way home to Woodlands, still feels the same high rpm but low pick up/top speed. Those old responsive, powerful, high speed lower rpm just disappear like magic.


    Just wanna ask if anybody has the same experience before? Before I send it back to the bike shop again.


  4. Hi all, I sent my Honda cbr150r to Unique Motorsport Woodlands for servicing last week. The technician (a Malay guy) there tested my bike, said the engine is not in good condition and need an overhaul. He told me that he needs 5 working days to do it, and will contact me within next 2 days to inform me a to-do list after checking the whole bike for me. So I decided to leave my bike there for an overhaul.


    But I haven't received any phone call/SMS/WhatsApp after 3 days, so I decided to go to the shop and check the progression. Sadly my bike was fully untouched on the same spot, and another younger Malay boy told me they need another 2 weeks cause they have too many bikes to service!!! When I asked him:"Bro, last week you said able to finish in 5 days, why now become 2 weeks ar?" He replied :"we got too many bikes to do, if you can not wait then you can take your bike home and find another bike shop lo" I just wasted 3 days taking public transport and cab to work, and now I need to wait for another 2 weeks...


    May I ask is there any other reliable workshop to do full engine overhaul for honda cbr150r, near the north area? Cause I think I don't want to park my bike there and wait for another 2 weeks ler...



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