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  1. I WIL NEVER KEEP MY BIKE KEYS WITH MY HOUSE KEYS TOGETHER! HAHAHAHHA Just to make sure if 1 is lost the other isnt hahahhaha. Best to keep it separated in my opinion, just like car keys
  2. Hey bro! I'm not really sure where is Changi Business Park, but I work at UE Bizhub East which is just opposite where I park. So usually I will park at this office building call 'The Signature' it's only $0.65 per entry for motorcycles! Hope this helps!
  3. Hey! HAHAHAHH Currently, im just saving up cash. Because my cousin is still contemplating whether or not to continue his uber. If he continues until i get my 2A which is probably around may(?) hopefully.... then R3 it is WAHAHAHAHAHA! If not.... either a cbr150r till cl2 or cheap 1 year coe left kup till i get my cl2a PS: Though I really still want to know other people's decision if they were in my shoes! Please don't be shy to tell me! HAHAHAHAA
  4. HAHAHAAHA OMG you still remember my post from last time. I don't think so, I want something that can go at least 130 without much effort so can last till class 2 hahaa. And like what reize says it expensive...
  5. HAHAHAHAHA! Cousin still havent taken the bike back from me yet, but moost probably(80%) getting a cbr150r till i get my cl2 wont be upgrading for cl2a
  6. Qns: Which part of the lane do you guys stay when lane splitting? Do you try to stay out of the white dotted lines? Do you stay on the extreme sides of the lanes? Because from my experience riding a 2b fz16 while lane splitting, when i stay on the dotted lines sometimes the roads have small little gaps which makes my bike do a little mini skid. So any other experiences from other riders especially those riding kups, fz16 have a fairly thick wheel but i still get the mini skids when riding on the dotted lines, so wanna ask how the kup riders handle. And of course 2A 2 riders, are you bigger t
  7. Guys! I'm currently still a p plate rider, next year feb then can take class 2A. Have been riding my cousin's fz16 in the mean time while he's driving uber but he will take the bike back on sept when his contract ends. So, if you guys were me, would you buy a class 2b bike afterwards or wait for class 2A? My current option is to get a CBR150R and ride till I get my class 2 Please let me know what you guys will do, thanks!!!!
  8. Oh no no no! Hahhah I just want to sit on the bike to have a feel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hey guys! Do anyone knows if theres a Yamaha showroom here in Singapore, because I'm interested to try/sit on a Yamaha R3 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Is there really a big difference between these 2?
  11. normal t-shirt sometimes a hoodie or a jacket over if its cold, sweatpants and covered shoes. but of course some times short and birkenstock if going to near places hahaha(dont judge)
  12. Selling this HJC CS-15 full face helmet. Colour: Red/White w/ little carbon Price: $100 For more info please go to: https://sg.carousell.com/p/hjc-cs-15-88384342/
  13. Still can't believe I passed my TP ON 2 Feb(2nd try)
  14. Yup! But as far as i know, they only waive the first offence, 2nd 3rd etc high chances cannot appeal.
  15. Thats really bad man! I'm still seeing people parking at the shelter though, havent had a chance to ask them if they get summoned or not
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