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  1. Yes, legally. Dynojetting your bike exhaust will increase hp from 2-5hp, depending on which exhaust..
  2. Yes, legally. Dynojetting your bike exhaust will increase hp from 2-5hp, depending on which exhaust..
  3. So far I have seen Yoshimura and Leo Vince SBK available for the Ninja 250R, both would require Dynojet and tuning for max performance and hp improvements..Hope it helps cheers!
  4. I recommend getting them on Ebay, it's cheaper probably between 100-200SGD difference compare to getting them from shops..
  5. Yup, I didn't know until the uncle at Looi's told me it was FI. At that point of time I only know one of the two types. In any case it's pretty powerful for it's class..ChEers!!
  6. Cool..so are you still riding the Ninja 250R?
  7. I don't think you can get it in Singapore as it has not be validated by LTA. The only way to get it is through online shops like ebay, but the delivery costs could have turned you off. You can choose to get it and installed it on your bike illegally, and it's harder to "close one eye" as Vicom rarely see this brand of exhausts. Just my 2 cents worth of knowledge..CheeRs!!
  8. Nice bike bro, too bad you are not in Singapore else would have called you out for outing. Aniwaes, nice bike you have, was having a hard time choosing the green or the black though, but chose green as Kawasaki's trademark.. Btw, what tyres did you change to or are you using stock tyres? CheeRs!!
  9. Hey bro, if you are looking for an answer that I am sure you won't find any better..unless you are riding one and can say the pickup is not as good...CheeRs
  10. From Looi's, Uncle told me that was the last green...if you are interested he has a black stocked in his warehouse..=)
  11. Check out the acceleration from 0-100kmph (timed) and further to 170kmph!!
  12. Check out the full reviews for this bike below..CheeRs for all future Ninja 250R wannabes!!
  13. FC efficiency rate will gradually increase after finishing it's first and second run in...so far for now have not top up my fuel tank after 250km..
  14. Yeah, tested it..pretty impressive for a 250cc bike...specs on it can go at arnd 10k..Still running in though..so have not tested it's true power yet..Will update more on you guys..cheers!
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