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  1. Exactly 1 year later, i sign up at bbdc for my class 2 license. Registered my bbdc account, paid fee and booked practical class 1.01 on 27/6. pass! Practical class 2.01 on 7/7. pass! Practical class 3.01 on 13/7. PASS! with 12 demerit points. Book for TP test. Took RV on 13/7, just polishing plank and e-brakes and bumpy. Took TP test on 14/7. PASS! 18 Demerit points wahahaha..... What I realized is that this document helped me to bring back all the memories and hard training i did in 2018. btw, last time once i did 1.01 you can oredi book for TP test but waiting time months away...
  2. i agree with milojay, kick start it, batt may be spoilt.. don't constantly crank it with the e-starter else u may kill other components. there are too many other reasons why it does not start with e-starter. (carb, fuel pump, etc.. etc..) sometimes u may need to live with it due to bike being old and not worth repairing this.
  3. i got this one (u need to find the bolt so u can screw it to the mirror).. it is not the best but at least i don need to keep looking down on my bike while riding. (i use to lift up that compartment and put my phone there for gps, this is dangerous sh1t!) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/JKING-Motorcycle-Bicycle-Phone-Holder-For-Samsung-Galaxy-S7-S6-S5-G530-A5-A7-Support-Mobile/32850409975.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.173.3def1297rdSNue&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_3_10152_10151_10065_10344_10068_10342_10343_10340_10341_10696_10084_5722520_10083_10618_10307_10059_5722620_5722920_3
  4. the gts 200 batt is the same as the other 2b bike battery in general. it is a 12v, Self Fill AGM battery, Sealed, Gel, Dry. get a branded battery (, for reliability. get those fking cheap battery and u risk killing the bike. (i think mine did bcos of the cheap battery installed by previous owner, that batt may have short circuited and kill the cdi) Yuasa YTX9-BS (12v, 7ah or 8ah or 9ah) whatever you prefer. imo, 7ah is good enuf, the more AH (amphere hour) = the battery can hold more charges therefore can give u battery power longer. simplest way is , think of iphone 5 vs samsung s5 (
  5. u can try to call lim ah boy and the other shops at those kelantan lane.. you would need to quote part number though.. and part number you can get it from online pfd. just google for mforce.my (SYM authorized shop) and look for vts 200 catalog. (fyi, gts 200 = singapore, vts 200 = malaysia) or .. u can just go to mforce in Skudai, JB to buy the parts. if u want them to install for u, please make an appointment first. you can call them to inquire the price and availability of the parts. GL.
  6. i had the same thing!!!!! i also mentioned the website says this amount and she said price on website not updated!! that a con artist.
  7. Maybe I didn't search hard enuf, I am unable to find any contents that I'm gonna post here under 1 single page. And here I am, after passing my 2A (June 2018), I took time to create this PDF, which I humbly hope will do good to others that may need it. Contents ismy best knowledge and would cover enuf for the riders whom wanna take 2A/2. New to bike riding or taking 2B would need to look elsewhere. For class 2A/2, there are 2 practical lessons and 1 assessment. The routes are same for both, diff are the *timings (please see assessment checklist) 1.01 – Learn plank, slalom, slope an
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