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  1. combatants,wa sounds so feirce. hows the situation so far bro? managed to trace ur bike?
  2. lim chu kang wow haha weird man!
  3. oh hmm looking forward to going to the openhouse haha, btw is there any skrians outing anymore? thought i could join if there's one
  4. hmm so how do i go about enrolling? maybe meet up one day i follow u to explore SIM? really interested in it bro.
  5. wear t shirt on the way to work once reach then can change at toilet,thats wat i always do
  6. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/50/Bikini_pillion_on_Hayabusa_at_Black_Bike_Week_Festival_2008.jpg/300px-Bikini_pillion_on_Hayabusa_at_Black_Bike_Week_Festival_2008.jpg hehe =)
  7. im leaning towards SIM coz its a SIM UNIVERSITY but i would like to know hows life like in there?coz im working weekdays only so im sure i can take up SIM
  8. but what kinda courses would u advise someone like me to go for? engineering grad, but im leaning towards business or accouting,
  9. all this is done with u holding a full time job?
  10. thats good,hmm basically u guys might freak out if i tell u my occupation im just leaning towards business degree,lots of my friends are saying that. truth in told i wanted to take an IT degree since im quite good in it but someone who haves an IT degree told me that having a IT degree is nothing as technology phases out over time. so im leaning towards business or sociology, mind sharing a bit how ur schedule is like bro yatz?
  11. used to,pass my account to my sister
  12. Hi bro queirtus,

    Could you kindly check with the mods where you posted your sales at? Cos they will be more aware since they are the ones monitoring and moderating the section... :goodluck:

  13. You sibei suey the mod keep delete your thread...

  14. hi bro aie,my sp sales thread is gone too, apprently i pmed mod PALMER and he reasoned that i didn't put down my contacts,i stated pm me for details and e-mail me to contact me as i do not wish to reveal my number,


    i have been a long time member of the sbf and this is the first time im encoutering this problem,hope u can rectify with me what the issue is?

  15. nope too low bro

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