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  1. hi guys u have shinko tyres for motard at woodlands ?

  2. Bro can you contact me regarding your price? 81261114

  3. bro..how much u can drop the price of the pipe?reply me asap..really intrested...

  4. bro how much u bought ur yss??? my showa leaking......
  5. mainjet or pilotjet?

  6. bro wanna ask?

    kau pakai sp carb .. ape jetting ko pakai ah

    aku nyer sikit sikit timing lari ah..

    care to help.???

  7. hey bro...

    wanna ask wat is ur carb jet size....

    after changing to sp carb ...

    my bike got black smoke from exhaust if full throttle and the smell of petrol is strong...

    can help.. thankz.

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