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  1. if you are going to ns, then not advisible o buy first. 1st 1-4 months, u would be at bmt stage followed by next 6-9 months ocs/ scs stage. during this time you can ride but cant park in camp. only during unit life then can park in. you can afford to down pay for your bike. but there other cost such annual insurance/ road tax/ inspection. on top of that, monthly petrol/ erp and preventive maintenance cost to consider. if touch wood, bike breaks down and you need to set aside of money for repair too. unless your savings is like a few thousands, your monthly ns pay wont be enough fo
  2. It did not go down and increased to a whooping 7.7k today.
  3. quoted for the truth. Yeah, no good to down pay first. Very troublesome if any **** happens. Just look for another bike after you sold the lay-up bike.
  4. How was it? any news from the police or insurance companies?
  5. How did it go? As far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong, if the bike is still under COI, the legal ownership belongs to the finance company. In this case, it belongs to the bike shop and hence the scrap would not affect you. Thanks.
  6. Yeah, just ride in with passport. Handover to counter staff (manual) or scan at machine (auto) and go. No need to pay any tool fees on both sides.
  7. Informative thread! How about the comparison now in 2017 context? SF carb/ revo vs gsr400. Aftermarket parts should be available since its almost a decade and efi is the norm nowadays. Just that coe and arf changes.
  8. Its a good transport bike. Fuel economy at 35-40km/l depending on how hard you ride. Its a tough workhorse, can endure lots of abuse. I personnally dont abuse it. Its a sporty looking bike compared to other 2b bike at the fuel economy range. Maintanence wise, its easy and cheap. Parts are easily available too. Easy to squeeze through traffic during lane splitting and able to speed through danger areas fairly quick as well.
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