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  1. Hello Trempest, i am so much want to go to Cameron Highlands... I have Honda Phantom - little slow - would you think I can join you? By the November seems one of the wettest month; will it be safe?
  2. Hello!After awesome trip to Malacca, I am planning to go Mersing in Malaysia. It will be a day trip on one to the Sunday either 23 or 30? Please let me know if anyone would like to tag along! Motorcycle (any category) or Cars, all welcome!!!
  3. Thank you for your tips and I had wonderful trip to Malacca with my wife! I am sharing my experience just in case any new member will be taking a joy ride to Malacca. 1. It was my first ever ride out of Singapore, so was little nervous; if you are feeling the same, its ok, just plan the trip accordingly. 2. I had changed the engine oil a week before the ride, checked break shoes, chain oil, etc. the usual inspection. 3. Had few phone numbers in Malaysia, just in case i need any help. One was the reliable tow truck cum garage, and other was a friend of my friend. Back-up like this will
  4. Guys! We are going to Malacca this weekend! Please whatsapp me 9seven786311seven (all numbers)!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thank you Jimmwong for your tips!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hello guys, I am planning for weekend trip to Malacca on 8 - 9 July. This is my first trip so looking for company. I have Honda Phantom 200, so no crazy speed. Ping me on whatsapp: (all number) 9seven86311seven!
  7. Here is another rider in mid thirties (mature age), with 2B and P plate. Although I am riding for good years, It's been less than a month that I am riding in Singapore, and let me tell you, I am loving it. In terms of 5 lessons, 1. I felt like flying in two dimensions, when I am riding, especially on the big long turns 2. Riding is stressful yet stress free! I generally forget everything except my safety when I ride. 3. Even in less than a month, I have seen and experienced fair share of stupid drivers and riders. They fight for every inch on the road with risky maneuvering. 4. Riding or
  8. Guys, I would love to join too... I am planning weekend first trip to Melaka; let's see whether most of us can make it! Nomziee, I will ping you on whatsapp! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Dear friends, Allow me to introduce, I have recently purchased my first bike Honda Phantom 200 (second hand), I am planning to visit something outside Singapore. Can you please help me to get answers for the below, 1. Can i drive Singapore registered bike with Singapore licence in Malaysia (I am Indian national with employment pass) 2. Does Singapore Third Party insurance works in Malaysia. 3. Any guides/ tips for travel (with my wife) are welcomed. Cheers, Shital
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