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  1. Ups............... Sent from my BLA-L29 using Tapatalk
  2. Sorry, price has been reduced to $35000. Can't seems to edit original post. Sent from my BLA-L29 using Tapatalk
  3. WTS Honda F6B COE Feb 2025 Price $42000 Mileage- 40000km and counting This is the Deluxe and 40th Anniversary model. Comes with Reverse Gear and Cruise Control. Top Box will not go with the bike. Rear rack will be given to you. Please see the second photo on how the rear rack will look like.... Bike also comes with nice bid number plate. FBL2xx2B Viewing at Punggol or my discretion. Same goes to the time. If I didn't reply you means you offered too low of a price. Please don't waste each other time. I am not in a hurry to sell... So don't test your luck. Full c
  4. Fino??? Your 650 leh? Anyway... many go wingyap to service last time... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. In that case, let all of us pray that I strike toto first prize alone this Thursday then I buy over Kmax scooter, buy over madman side panniers and topbox to mount on the scooter, buy a new stx or super tenure, pay off my ST1100, sell it off.... Then sponsor 5 kakis to my next thailand trip to either Phuket, koh samui or Surat Thani.... Kfc and rubber included......hahahahaha
  6. Not enough power means top speed will be compromise. ie, fz6 can hit 240, xj6 can only hit 200? Wat kind of hardware are you refering to? So you means moving off, can fly? But long distance run will lose to fz6? So you mean the "power" will comes in faster compare to fz6? Also, compared to fz8, I would rather take the xj6 cause the exhaust looks nicer....no double exhaust but at least its hidden. Wont cause an eye sore...
  7. Chinu you ride the blue one..i ride the yellow one...
  8. Anyway, 3years later then we see.....
  9. So which is which? Fz6 is better than xj6s or???? Derek, fz6 not in production so in 3 years time xj6 still have new bike... I think so..... Madman, you can also advertise for your givi simply box...... My colleague don't want.....
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