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  1. I have encounter this problem recently. May I know any solution to this? Is it Cdi or other parts? Need some help here.. Thanks.
  2. Congrats on getting 2A license! Personally I am riding spec 1. Changed some minor parts of the wear and tear (is normal). I intend to upgrade after get my class 2. That's y I get spec 1 due as the price quite a big different from spec 3 or revo. Imo. Since you said u will be riding about 3 years preferably get a spec 3 or revo that suit ur budget will be better. Probably lesser problem but newer spec doesn't mean no problem. Depend on the previous owner riding style and maintenance of the bike. If the person know how to take care of bike, even older spec condition better than newer spec.
  3. Bro pm me ur number so we can meet up? 😊
  4. Revive this thread~ anybody still have outing or rounding? pm me if have thanks!
  5. Hello! May I know is there any outing or rounding in north or woodlands area? Kindly pm me your number so that I can contact you. Thanks in advance!
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