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    Honda Shadow 400

    Hi Guys, Need a used exhaust for my Shadow 400. Failed inspection today...... they guy who sold me the bike claimed exhaust ok for inspection!! Scammer called Zack!!! Anyway, now canot ride until I pass with a different exhaust. Where to find a used exhaust? or maybe pay to borrow one for inspection, then exchange back after inspection?? Any Ideas welcome, desperate to keep riding!! Hope notto buy new one as COE exprires in 1,5 yr
  2. TCTA200

    Honda Shadow 400

    Hi Fellow Shadow Riders, New here and would like advise on where to find tyres for my Shadow 400. Been to 3 shops no luck. Only one shop quoted me 240SGD for front tyre only........really ??? Looking for 120/90 x 17, please advise Thx TC
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