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  1. Hanoi has become the promised land for the soul loving eating. With the introduction, the interference of many regional cuisines, it has a plenty of delicious foods to choose from. However, to visitors remember Hanoi with attractive and exquisite gifts, it is not difficult to name the below rustic foods. halong sapa tours 1.Phở "Phở" is the name attached to Hanoi. It is not only a simple dish but also exquisite beauty of the Vietnamese culinary culture in the eyes of international friends. Two popular kinds of "Phở" you can enjoy in Hanoi consist of rice noodle soup with beef, chic
  2. Mai Chau is located around 135km from Hanoi at Hoa Binh province, stay in a peaceful valley sheltered by the outside world by a dramatic ring of hills. On the way coming to Mai Chau , you will have chance to pass through the top of Cun mountain, from there you can take a fabulous overview of the valley with the houses on stilt and paddy fields, bring the first impression about culture of Mai Chau –Hoa Binh. Lac village is located in Mai Chau valley, Hoa Binh Province with unique traditions. Hoa Binh province is far about 70 kilometers from Hanoi; tourists must go 60 kilometers to Mai Chau
  3. These are several specialties which tourists can enjoy when visiting Sapa. Besides, Sapa town is also famous for the night market which offers different delicious dishes, most of which are grilled or roasted ones. Visiting Sapa without trying a dish of baked or grilled meat, beef, fish, and vegetables is a great pity. These specialties can be eaten with chilly sauce or lemon-salt. There are many other delicious dishes to be explored in Sapa (https://www.sapatrekkinghomestay.com/). If you have chance, do make a cuisine trip along Sapa night market and enjoy the moments. Sapa is famous for its m
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