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  1. The lock fell out of my side pannier and left a gaping hole. Any idea where i can get this fixed?
  2. Hi guys, I’m selling my ride as the COE is expiring. It’s been a great ride but it’s time to let her go. Let me know if anyone is keen. https://www.singaporebikes.com/bikemart/sg/usedbikes/suzuki_dl_1000_vstrom-48580.html
  3. Does anyone know what’s the usual time needed from the time one makes payment till one can collect a used bike? How much time will the dealer usually need to get the bike ready?
  4. Hi Juvefan,


    Thank you for your email and enquiry on our Sale. Actually, we're having a SALE right now.... you should come on down and get your favourite Dainese stuff at great discounts and savings....


    See you soon...

  5. Hi XJR-ers, I am selling off my XJR400 after 3 good years with it. Feel free to check it out at http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=225829
  6. Then perhaps you should bring it in for a full servicing to ensure everything's tip-top. You can't be too sure that whoever sold the bike to you had done a complete job of maintaining everything in proper condition. High fuel consumption can be due to any number of factors, from things like riding style, proper tire inflation to a tuned-out carburator. Could be a million and one things. Best to bring it in for a check.
  7. The accessories you mentioned are probably available only thro' Hong Leong, you can drop by their place to take a look at the catalogue. Take note that they'd prob have to order them in from Japan, and the shipping will cost you. Alternatively you can check with Motoworld, but I doubt they will bring in for you. You mean your consumption is 250km for the entire 20 litres full tank? That's way too high. Mine can do about 360-380 before hitting reserve. That's an average of 20.8km/litre. If you're still running in your bike, do monitor your fuel consumption for a while longer, it usually get
  8. U can get for about $60-$70 at Motoworld. My bike's coming to a year old.
  9. Coming to a year without major probs...accessories are hard to find, yes. I managed to get a crash bar at MotoWorld, but that's abt it.
  10. That will be me. XJR owner since Dec 05. What can I for you do?
  11. I've asked ard a few bike shops like Hong Leong and Atan Motoring. Was quoted final price of $13K for XJR400, for a rider of 26yrs old 2nd party insurance. So ex! Wonder if can get cheaper still elsewhere...anyone has ideas? Also was told that there's only blue and silver available. What's the usual practisc if i want say black? Will I have to wait for the next shipment, which could be as late as Mar/Apr next year? Some shops tell them they can order in...does that mean i can get it sooner then?
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