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  1. hey there!


    Is there an active link to your facebook album? I am looking for inspirations to do up my TA200.


    Thanks bro!

  2. bro, do u do any mods for XJR400? I would like to convert mine to a cafe racer.

    or, do u know of any contacts that could help me??

    any help would be great.

    do contact me here or thru my mobile: 81391301




  3. Hey Bro! How's it going? I'm Andy here, I Just got my phantom this week and I'm planning to do some basic mods like handle bar, headlight and such. It would be great if I could get some pointers from you. I can be reached at 92309291. =) Thanks in advance!

  4. hey i kinda wanna see your pics of your projects for the phantom. any links?? unable to get through. thanks

  5. hi.. Real nice bike u have there. Isit a Phantom ta200? im just curious.

    anyway i really keen of gettin mods from u. basically wanna revamp the look.


    Look forward hearin from u again.

  6. would love to mod my intruder tank. pls call me up @ 96937655.

  7. Hello Foo. Hows the V Max going?,,, still flying I hope.

    I am everyday in between Bishan and Bukit Timah Road on a grey Street Triple R.. Cheers Chris.

  8. hey dere bro..i own a phantom too..i hv also planned on moddin my bike..but the only problem is the tank..wat tank did u use?

  9. hi,

    I saw in the forums that you were going to be selling your mod-ed Phantom.

    If it is on sale already is it possible to setup a viewing?

    Also what price would you be selling it at?



  10. anyone willing to let me mod their bikes to make this a reality in sg? hahaha
  11. hey. enquiring if you guys to paintworks for tw? thx

  12. X-ilED

    Harley Riders gather

    nono.. i didnt mean u.. my bad for sounding mixed up haha.. i meant in general ppl usually take the shortcut of using fork extensions together with raked trees to compensate the increased fork length.. fork extensions when done improperly are potential area for stress fractures..
  13. X-ilED

    Harley Riders gather

    are u sure u actually understood what i wrote? haha i was infact commenting on your use of terms and jargons.. i know the working mechanics of rake and trail so u dun have to re write so many same things. actually.. i really think its no point giong any further... let the readers go decide who makes more sense. haha raked trees are called raked trees for a reason.. and they primarily change the rake angle of the FORK... the change in the "offset" of the wheel is caused by the change in the rake angle of the fork which was in turn affected by the raked trees. i nv said the rake angle of t
  14. X-ilED

    Harley Riders gather

    First off, lets clear up a few things. terms and jargons are used for a reason and the topic here was the use of "raked triple trees". why is your statement that "Raked trees will not actually increase the rake,but the offset will increase" is not entirely correct. let me share with you why. btw the honda wave example is prolly the few variations in a bike fork. as far as i know most harleys have their wheel axles centered in a fork and most raked trees are made for harleys or cruisers in general.. so unless this feature is found on MOST bikes.. then yes.. i'll admit that offset distance is no
  15. X-ilED

    Harley Riders gather

    actually i dun really understand why u keep saying i dont get what you are saying. what i;m telling u is the term u are using is not correct and there are some minor errors in your understanding of the rake and trail of a bike which is why i corrected u... from what info i have gathered form my research, angled forks are called raked forks... forks which are distanced further away from the neck is termed having an offset difference ... jus like how usually custom triple trees would have descriptions like something like "a raked triple tree with a 5 degree rake angle and 2inch offset" 5
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