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  1. Anyone here has change his/her forks or their shocks ? Any recommendation on which to change to? For Quickshifter, eventhough its not recommended, would like to know if its compatible with FZ16, specifically "Annitori" For FZ16 rear brake, usually how long before u change to new one? I changed like 1-2 weeks back, but already I'm hearing squeaking sounds. At which RPM do I know that I'm stressing the engine? Currently around 95-100km/h, I'm at roughly 6.5K to 6.8K RPM.
  2. Anyone here have used Liqui Moly 4T Bike Additive? Is there any difference? or its a waste of money. Is the usage just pouring it in after you refuel?
  3. Messaged you via phone. Get back to me thanks.
  4. Planning to get a FZ16. I heard it has only 5 gears. Anyone have problems with only 5 Gear or at the 5th it can go at a high rpm without over loading the engine?
  5. Yes I did it looks a bit more duke-ish. But the price that I was checking was a bit more than what I expected tho so I'm not sure if its worth. As since I'm not taking the R125, I'll probably upgrade to R3 when I get my 2A which is what my initial plan was. Because along the way, I will sell my fz16 since the COE is quite long. Yeah I've been looking around for quite awhile. All ranging around 5.5K to 8K for COE till 2022/2024, i'll be using maybe 1-2 years and then I might sell it off to get a 2A bike.
  6. Understand your points. Discussed with my parents and was told that they don't really recommend me to get a sporty bike as I'm still new to riding. I've look and checked other bikes too like sp,fz16,r15,r15v2,duke and such but R125 caught my eye. But since my parents are somewhat disagreeing, I'm looking at FZ16 since its FC is pretty good and the parts are easily accessible and not so expensive. A lot of mods that could be put on also that makes it looks nice. Thanks for putting in some sense in me guys. With FZ16, I can get more COE years too at a similar if not a bit more price.
  7. I've checked with a friend of mine, according to him. for FC, it is roughly 28km-35km which is pretty good for a sportbikes unless you ride it aggressively. As for parts, its yamaha and yamaha dealers in singapore have it. As for normal shops then it'll be a bit difficult. Maintenance costs would be also fairly cheap according to him. Reason being why I'm planning to get is of the FC and the maintenance cost. I'm 23 and in about 3-4 years time, I'll probably get married and then save up for a car eventhough yes I plan to get my 2a/2 license but won't be getting a new biker anytime soon. Ae
  8. I'll be getting my Class 2 Bike not exactly after 2 years (2a,2). It'll be definitely be more than 2 years tho. I understand that it is expensive. But I think the aesthetics compensate for its price and power. Having such a dilemma at the moment for choosing a bike.
  9. Just passed my license today. But I plan to upgrade bike only when I get my Class 2. As I don't think within a year or so, I'm able to get my class 2A bike due to money issue. I'm currently looking at the Yamaha YZF-R125, I know it is so called a "fake" sports bike since its a 125cc which looks like a R6. Any comments or suggestion? Really headache when it comes to choosing a bike tho for me. As for insurance, I'm 23 and I have a Class 3 License over 4 years. Will they still charge me the based on my license p plate or will they consider age too? But nevertheless, I'm the kind who don't
  10. Just passed my 2b. Was wondering how much does insurance for rxz/krr/sp cost? I have a class 3 license over 4 years and im 24 this year. Any rough gauge? Thanks.
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