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  1. Yup earlier this year. therefore, would like to look for more seasoned riders also to learn more as im quite new to the scene.
  2. Hi there, currently riding a r15. The group section of the forums are kinda dead so yeah.
  3. Although I do not ride a phantom. It's hard trying to find a riding group nowadays. If you guys don't mind, please add me in as well 9 one one 89 two 39. Thanks and ride safe!
  4. New P-plate rider here. i know this is a long shot. But am looking for people perhaps to ride to JB tgt for petrol, servicing or makan as i do not really have many friends who are riding. Pretty new to the riding scene. Anyone has a riding group or smth that i can join?
  5. New R15 rider here. If there is an active group chat still around, pls pm me!
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