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  1. Hahah never modify leh bro, everything stock, leave it to the next owner to mod. Stickers only ~ Up ups!
  2. Hi all, I am looking to let go of my Yamaha Jupiter 135 (Manual), as I am about to start a family soon and my wife wants me to stop riding. I have been riding for 10 years now, quite sad to stop riding. Below are more information regarding the bike: Accessories: Fully stock, but I changed brake and clutch lever to red, sports rim, and comes with Kappa top box) Number Plate: 3 digit (Starting FBJ) COE Reg: 11 Dec 2013 Mileage: 50k Additional: I just changed new Yuasa battery, used for only 2 days Engine Oil: Changed every 1200km Engine Oil Filter: Changed every 2400km Spark Plug: C
  3. O.o why you ask me of all people on how to create new post? just click create new thread or smth likdat at the top navigation panel la aiyoh.

  4. sorry for the interruption. how to create a new post uh bro? sorry. its been so long since i bikeforuming. :)

  5. bro u still sellin those tyres. PM me back ya.. Thanks

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