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  1. Guys I am back. I gotten my license yesterday. Anyway I have an urgent question, I actually bought a bike under laid up 2 weeks ago and when I gotten my license and insurance yesterday. I thought the road tax still continues as per normal so I went to ride it and passed through 2 gantry. But then my Friend told me laid up bike the road tax is considered invalid. May I know what's the penalty for it? I will get my bike inspection done today!
  2. There's no need to attend accordingly. I attended 4 & 5 before theory lesson 1,2 & 3
  3. Ho guys! Just a quick update hehe Currently waiting for tp on 12th April. Anyone joining me the same date?
  4. Okay guys, just an update. Finally passed lesson 5 on my third try. Well I can't guarantee u a pass but the instructor told me you can pass lesson 5 as Long as u are able to keep a safe distance, able to u turn properly, change lane smoothly and to me the most important part is adjusting your speed to suit the road condition so as to not let the motorists behind slow down or brake
  5. Good job bro! I had my prac 5 today and failed Was quite unlucky as 2 cars cut my lane abruptly causing me to fail (partly my fault since I didn't close throttle as well)
  6. It's okay to fail man! I felt damn demoralised when I failed too... but don't give up! For plank, at first I had difficulties too because I kept looking down and my shoulder was stiff. Tips is be confident, let your shoulder loose and look ahead or focus on something in front
  7. Hello! It's good to plan ahead! Hmm they do provide helmet but u need to bring your home head cloth for hygiene purposes ; best to buy your own helmet since you're gonna use it one day anyway. And also get a riding gloves. Elbow and knee Guards are provided
  8. Well I check at least twice or thrice every hour so throughout the day I could easily get a night slot on that same day or the next day slot... keep trying your luck you probably woll get it
  9. Damn!! What I heard most about ssdc is prac 5 which is the first ever road lesson. They can easily fail you over a tiny mistake
  10. Good day everyone. Just wanna post my experience; currently in SSDC prac 5. Personally I enrolled into all 3 Driving Centres and SSDC is definitely the best amongst them in my opinion. In terms of availability of slots, customer service, facility and the progress the best. Alright, I enrolled into SSDC on 13 December 2016. Need theory lesson 1 & 2 on 14 Dec 2016. Theory lesson 3 & 4 on 18 Dec 2016. Theory lesson 5 & 6 on 21 Dec 2016. Theory lesson 7 on 22 Dec 2016. Had my circuit orientation on 23 Dec 2016. Practical 1 - 4 Jan 2017 18 Jan 2017
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